It’s funny how death can surprise us when we least expect it. The following gallery shows various actors in their last photograph, surely the majority, if not all of them, they did not even imagine what would happen to them, something very terrifying and definitely sad.

1. John Lennon gives his last autograph

John Lennon signing an autograph, who imagined that this would be the last, was killed by Mark David Chapman, a supposed fan who is in the background of the photograph.

2. Paul Walker in his Porsche shortly before he died.

Paul Walker was one of the protagonists of Fast and Furious. This is the last picture of him in his Porche Carrera GT before losing his life along with his partner Roger Rodas when they crashed into a utility pole and two trees, apparently they had just left a charity event. They would never imagine that they would lose their lives.

3. Ying Chu, another boy on the verge of extreme.

Taking pictures exposing yourself to danger and uploading them to social networks has become a fashion in recent years. This image shows Ying Chu taking a very extreme picture, it is not known for sure if she fell into the void after taking this selfie but since then she disappeared and has not been heard from. (Keep reading)

4. A veteran of the military firm to the end.

In this photograph you can see the veteran lying down dressed in a very elegant way waiting for death, without a doubt this man always loved his country.

5. Challenger shuttle crew.

This is the photograph of the team of astronauts who died in an explosion minutes after the shuttle Challenger took off.

6. Victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

About 227 passengers and 12 crew members were traveling on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, before taking off there were people who took some pictures like this mother with her son. On March 8, 2014, the plane disappeared without a trace, the authorities undertook a search without finding any evidence.

7. Space Shuttle Columbia crew about to board.

The loss of the crew of the Columbia shuttle was one of the worst tragedies for the United States, apparently the ship disintegrated when wanting to return to earth, in this photograph the astronauts are shown smiling before embarking on their journey.
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8. Sam Simon, creator of The Simpsons.

This image shows Sam Simon, one of the creators of the iconic television series The Simpsons, who was apparently in his last days of life as he suffered from terminal colon cancer.

9. Bataclan Theater shooting victims.>

During a Hard Rock concert of the Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan theater in Paris France, a group of armed men entered and killed 80 people in November 2013, in this photograph a happy couple is shown enjoying the concert without imagining that they would die in an attack.

10. Andrey Retrovsky, passionate about extreme photos.

Many people like to challenge life and feel immortal, such as this 17-year-old boy who apparently liked to take very extreme photos and of course this caused him to lose his life. After this photograph was taken, the hidden rope supporting him failed and he fell from the ninth floor of a building in Vologda, Russia.

11. Emma Willis just wanted to do something daring.

This beautiful girl never imagined that by taking this extreme selfie she would lose her life, apparently she jumped into the water without realizing that there were several very dangerous rocks in it, when she fell into the water she hit one, losing her life instantly.

12. Victim of the eruption of the Ontake volcano in Japan.

The man who is posing in this photograph died during the eruption of the Ontake volcano in Japan, he was one of the 50 people who lost their lives because of this phenomenon.

13. Playing with candle.

Apparently this couple found it very funny to take a picture where the man pointed a gun at the girl, it seemed that they had everything under control, but the gun was fired and he killed the young woman by mistake.

14. Sharon Tate on the morning of the day she was murdered.

In this photograph the beautiful actress is observed in the garden of her house carrying her baby in her womb just two weeks after birth, the actress was murdered on the night of that same day by Charles Manson and his henchmen, at the which gave him 16 stab wounds in the stomach.
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15. A mother and her little girl, also victims of the Malaysia Airlines flight.

This mother and daughter were photographed by the woman’s husband just before Malasya Airlines Flight 370 took off to certain death. The three members of the family died on this flight and the photograph was published on social networks.

16.The famous Robin Williams.

He was a great comedian and actor who committed suicide in his home in California, suffocating himself with a rope, his wife commented that he was overwhelmed by symptoms of dementia in addition to suffering from Parkinson’s. This is the last photograph that was uploaded to his Instagram account.

17. Amy Winehouse

A week after her death on July 23, 2011, she was photographed walking the streets of London

18. Elvis Presley

Salia was photographed leaving the dentist in August 1976. Days later he would die in the bathtub of his house after a heart failure.

19. Steve Jobs

. Moments before being admitted to a clinic in California, on August 26, 2011


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