The theory began to sound about fifteen years ago. A hoax began to spread on the Internet  that Leo DiCaprio had been found dead in his house.

First thing in the morning, his cleaning assistant  would have found the body of the actor in full rigor mortis at his home in Hollywood .  Several empty bottles of sleeping pills would rest on the bedside table and, after knowing the results of the autopsy, his death would have been officially declared a suicide.

The assistant found the actor’s lifeless body surrounded by empty pill bottles

On November 23, 2001, the Leo Dicaprio the Best fan page, hosted by  Angel Fire , spread the news: “ LEO IS DEAD!!!!!” , said a shocking headline in capital letters.

That yes, the page was  mysteriously closed  a few hours later…

That was enough time for the news to spread like wildfire among the actor’s fans who, at that time, had the internet. Fans who, devastated and disoriented, began to exchange emails, SMS and even calls between landlines claiming that  a friend of a friend had come to read the news in the digital edition of the  New York Times .

It has never been possible to prove with a screenshot or a link, even broken, that the news was published in the American newspaper, but the rumor mill started.

Everyone in America had a friend of a friend who had read the story in the New York Times.

It was said that, after the worldwide success he had achieved with  Titanic , Leo  had not fit in well becoming a teenage mass idol . Far from feeling ecstatic, he, who had been nominated for an Oscar for playing a mentally handicapped at the age of 18, felt that he had taken  a false step in his career .

His non-Oscar nomination in 1998 for his role as Jack in  Titanic  had been a blow to him. Later, the Razzie for his performance in  The Man in the Iron  Mask had plunged him into  a deep depression from which he only knew how to get out feet first .

Leo did not accept having become a mass teen idol and fell into a deep depression.

However, the actual state of DiCaprio’s career was not as bad as he had perceived drowning in his depressive thoughts. In fact, he had just shot  Catch Me If You Can  with Steven Spielberg, which would be his last film, released posthumously.

However,  when many fans had already accepted his death, something disturbing happened… If Leo was no longer among the living, what was he doing in December 2002 at the premiere of his last movie?  And most importantly, what had happened to his face?

Suddenly, it had gone from:


The rumors shot up again on portals like MSN groups and Live Journal:  Leo had been replaced . The actor was an icon and losing him would have meant the industry also losing millions of dollars…

Authentic fan investigation squads then got down to work until they thought they found who had taken control of their identity. It was neither more nor less than  Devon Sawa, his Canadian doppelganger. That actor who, in the nineties, had tried to overshadow him  (without much success, as evidenced by the fact that nobody remembers his name anymore) in movies like  CasperFriends forever  or  Final Destination.

For many, it is undeniable that, when they were both alive,  Devon was Leonardo’s 100% copy :

The dates coincide. Coincidentally, the last major role of Devon’s career came in 2000 , when she starred in the teen horror blockbuster  Final Destination . Suspiciously, from then on her filmography is summed up in irrelevant supporting roles and cameos that no one remembers, until she falls into complete oblivion and definitively disappears from the Hollywood credits.

Gossips say that Devon underwent several plastic surgery interventions to make his features more similar to Leo’s. However, genetics is genetics and  the fact that Leo was no longer Leo could explain why that ephebe of the nineties has ended up looking more like a character from  Torrente  than from a Greek myth :

Still, despite the tragic end of the  Titanic actor , Sawa’s career would thus have had a happy ending. Overnight, he would have gone from being the eternal second condemned to oblivion, to become one of the best actors in the world. He is a millionaire and famous for dating all the models of the moment.

Although there are still many  unknowns  in search of an answer.

For starters, does Devon Sawa’s wife know that she’s actually married to someone else?

Is Kate Winslet aware, when she is tied to him on the red carpets, that she has been given the switch?

Does it prove that it took him so long to get the statuette for best actor that, in reality, he is no longer the brilliant Leonardo Dicaprio but a mediocre Devon Sawa living on rents?

It is a crazy theory, but no less suggestive for that. 


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