Do you know what anxiety is? Anxiety is a state of fear, where people often feel that something is going to happen in their future that will make them suffer and that they will not be able to overcome it. Harvard University recently published an investigation where it pointed out that the problems generated by anxiety and stress would currently be causing more deaths than diabetes and the flu.

With these results, there is no doubt that if the state of anxiety becomes chronic, it is necessary to worry and it is not something to be taken lightly.

We all know that we live in a society where we are forced to enter a state of competition with the rest and where, in general, we all live in an individualistic way. Both events strongly contribute to our developing a higher level of anxiety.

When faced with an event that causes us terror, we feel that we have nothing to hold on to, we feel that this event can literally destroy everything that we have worked hard to build or we can feel that we are going to go crazy. It is at these times that we are vulnerable to panic attacks, shortness of breath, and great anxiety. We are victims of these symptoms because we suffer from a tremendous disconnection from ourselves, sometimes we do not have access to connect with our own strength and confidence that we will be able to overcome problems. Unfortunately, as we can guess, there is no easy solution to this problem. In a partial way, it can help you to go to a psychiatrist and have him prescribe some medicine, but this is only so that you do not feel your emotions.

When we experience large amounts of stress, something that can help us calm down is music.

Music is an excellent channel for our state of mind and can help us recover the balance that we have lost. According to studies that have been carried out in neuroimaging, it has been shown that music can stimulate internal and deep areas of the brain to which we generally do not have access in a rational way and that are linked to certain emotional responses.

What is the most relaxing song in the world?

Minlab International made it possible for a team of researchers to worry about identifying which are the specific songs that can help combat anxiety effectively.

These neuroscientists were able to discover that there is a song that provides a 65% reduction in anxiety. It is a song, that compared to all the others that were tested, this one had the best results.

The way in which they decided to carry out the experiment was, first, to select a group of volunteers, who were asked to complete a series of riddles and also a task that they had to finish in a very short time. Both tests were totally designed to generate the maximum possible stress. Subsequently, the volunteers were asked to listen to various songs while the researchers were in charge of being able to monitor the participants.

The physical variables they measured were: respiratory rate, brain activity, blood pressure, and blood pressure. What they were looking for were signs that the stress level might be slipping.

The song we’re talking about is called “Weightless” and it’s by the British trio Marconi Union.

These composers intentionally created it in order to create a state of relaxation. Consequently, a few years ago this song appeared as “the most relaxing song in the world”.

It has the peculiarity of starting with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute and then gradually decreases to 50. When we listen to it, we concentrate on the music, making our heart tune in with these beats.

It is important to mention that the song lasts approximately eight minutes. The normal physiological synchronization process can take five minutes or so, so any track that is shorter may not have the same effect of leaving you as relaxed.

In this regard, we comment that additionally, it can generate a feeling of euphoria and comfort because the harmonic intervals are designed to cause this effect. Finally, as for the melody, we find that it is composed in such a way that it allows the brain to completely disconnect, since it suppresses the need that it normally has to be alert in order to anticipate the next note.

The song does not have continuous high and low notes, as songs that serve to generate a calm mood tend to have, but has bells that randomly induce a deeper sense of relaxation than can be achieved with prolonged notes. And at the end, in the depth of the song, there is an all-low sound, like a buzz, a whisper or like a Buddhist chant.

Contrary to how intuitive one might think of this song, we warn you that it is not a panacea and that it may also be that you, due to your brain configuration, may find that other songs induce you to feel more relaxed than this song.

Regardless of the above, if you suffer from anxiety, it is important that you can find the songs that calm you down and that you can create your own playlist or list of songs for the times when you feel that you are feeling too much anxiety. In case you are still not so clear about which songs relax you the most, here is a list so you can see if they inspire tranquility in you.

This list was created by neuroscientists where they included the 10 songs that biologically proved to be the most relaxing in the world.

At number one, as already mentioned, we find Marconi Union with the song “Weightless”.

Then, follow the songs “Electra” by Airsteam, “Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)“ by DJ Shah; “Watermark” by Enya and finally “Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay.

Subsequently, the following songs continue: “Please Don’t Go” by the group Barcelona, ​​”Pure Shores” by All Saints, “Someone Like You” by the singer Adele, “Canzonetta Sull’aria” by the famous Mozart and finally, “We Can Fly“of the group Rue du Soleil (Cafe Del Mar). What did you feel with these songs? Would you add any to the list? Leave us your comment so we can all try new songs that can possibly relax us.

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