If when he kisses you he has his eyes open or is looking around, you should take it as a sign that he does not want something serious with you when we start a relationship, we cannot help but plunge into a whirlwind of feelings and doubts. Am I something temporary? He cares? Does he really love me? How do I know if he wants something serious with me?

If you do not feel safe to ask directly, it will be good for you to know these signs to decipher it.

1. If he wants something serious he will invite you to the movies, to eat, or to have a coffee; If he just wants to have fun, he will invite you to a bar, to have a drink or any place where there is alcohol.

2. He cares about you when he introduces you to his friends, coworkers, and family. He doesn’t care when you always go out alone, you don’t know his friends, or family.

3. He is interested in you when he calls you on the phone, sends you messages or writes you sweet words on your social networks. He is not interested in you when he does not want to add you to his social networks and you are the one who calls him.

4. A man who wants a serious relationship with you will not try to kiss you, hug you, or even hold your hand on the first date. If he doesn’t want a formal relationship he will kiss you passionately on the first date.

5. If he loves you and respects you as his partner, after a few dates, he will hug you affectionately, try to hold your hand and begin to talk to you clearly about his feelings, ask you to be his girlfriend and then kiss you.

While the one who already kissed you from the first date or maximum the second, kisses you with more and more intensity and suddenly asks you to go to bed. Coincidentally they haven’t talked about being boyfriends, but he already wants to have a sexual encounter.

6. If the man who cares about you has no money at the time or is spending money but wants to see you, he finds a way to spend time with you, for example, he invites you to walk through a park, to see an outdoor exhibition , or something you don’t spend a lot on.

On the other hand, a man who doesn’t care about you as a couple, always tells you that he doesn’t have money to ask you out, but you will notice that every weekend he goes out to party with his friends, they go to bars, clubs, restaurants. Didn’t he have no money?

7. It starts with “I like you”, “I love you”, then “I like being with you”, “I feel very comfortable with you”, and when they are dating “I love you”, “I adore you” and then: “I love you ”.

The other tells you “I love you” on the first date, “you are the woman of my life” on the second, “I love you” on the third or even in the first week of dating. When they say it so soon, he can’t be sincere. Maybe he just wants to bring you down the moon and the stars to take you to bed.

8. Who already loves you, will do anything to please you, you first and then him. He will want to see you happy and he will want that happiness to be caused by something he did. Who still hasn’t decided if he wants to be your boyfriend, will only want sex to satisfy his needs. He does not know your tastes, nor will he ever investigate them.

9. When a man loves you he will be proud to go to your house and meet your family, because he wants you to know who you are dating at home.

On the other hand, the one who only wants sex will never pick you up at your house and, in the remote case that he does, he will dial you from his cell phone to go out, or send you a text message to see you in the corner. .

10. As soon as you decide to start a relationship with each other, your relationship status on Facebook changes. He will upload some photos where they go out together and he will tag you without much problem. He wants everyone to know how he feels about you!

Your “free” never changes your sentimental situation on Facebook, never upload photos of you, much less together. You notice that there are girls who send him flirtatious messages and he still has the nerve to answer them in the same way.

11. If he loves you he won’t pressure you to have sex, he’ll wait until you’re ready. Their first time together will be special. Instead, the one who doesn’t love you will pressure you to have sex, go to bed, or unleash passion anytime, anywhere.

12. If he trusts you, you can talk to him on the phone at any time of the day and he will answer you the same way, no matter where he is. When he doesn’t trust you, you dial his phone, he takes time to answer, or in the worst case he doesn’t answer. Generally, the calls are short, he limits himself to answering with monosyllables “yes”, “no”, “aha”, “ok”.

13. If for some reason you had sex very soon or without dating, he will call you the next day to see how you feel, show interest, want you to talk about what happened, and immediately ask you to hang out with him. The one who already got what he wanted, that is, they had sex very soon and they didn’t talk “about you”. You won’t hear from him again until next month or until he feels like it again. Source: I am Carmin

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