And the party for when? Parties are the ideal place where you can de-stress and forget all those tense moments both at home and at work, it is also a good place to meet people with different tastes and mentalities than yours, and that is quite interesting. This time we are talking about the only 8 types of people at a party, which one are you? What point can you take into account to distinguish the style of a person? At first glance budget in your way of dressing. And since “we are all in the vineyard of the Lord” there are many styles: the strawberry, the rapper, the cholo, the fashionista, etc.

Another very notable way to know what kind of person you are meeting is in their talk, you will need at most 10 minutes of conversation to get hooked or simply to say: nice to meet you, take care of yourself.

According to a study conducted by psychologist and counselor Glenn D. Wilson, another way in which you can tell what kind of person he is without having to say a single word is by the way he drinks the glass. or your beer.

Non-verbal communication or body language represents one of the most transparent ways of communicating a Czech message! The only 8 types of people at a party:

1.- Coquette

Shade here and shade there, mascara, a striking lipstick and some outstanding hairstyle. But of course flirty girls cannot be missing from our list. Without a doubt, they are the cherry on the cake, she is the girl who is always super well-groomed, she is very punctilious, combining the entire outfit to steal glances, she always succeeds!

When holding their drink, these girls tend to spread their fingers widely and lift the little finger or the index finger. They tend to hold the glass at chest height, for two great and important reasons. Not at all silly!

2.- Communicative (gossip)

There is never a lack of that girl who invents hallway gossip, she knows everything, she has the scoops (with their respective variants according to reality), she always has her eyes set more on the lives of others than on her own. Generally, her circle of friends is very small, for obvious reasons, and is made up of people of the same type.

At the time of being at the party, he holds the glass by the chalice to keep it safe so that the content of the drink does not splash on others. Remember that it is constantly on the move so as not to miss anything and collect all the information possible.

3.- Popular

They are generally very nice people and always have an interesting topic of conversation with everyone. Approaching them is super easy as they are very open and quickly become familiar and adapt. When they are having their drink, they usually give them small sips so as not to miss a second of the conversation and they keep their gaze fixed on their interlocutor.

4.- Shy

They are the type of person who would rather be at the movies or in a museum than at a party and one wonders how they got there and what they are doing there. They are usually very quiet in some corner or very close to their friends. They always use the drink as a shield, they usually drink it with the help of a straw, probably because of the idea that they drink in a more moderate way.

5.- Heartless

This type of person is the one who does not show any reaction to being at the party. We cannot know if he is having a good or bad time. His face remains rigid as if it had been injected with botox, it does not transmit anything, no expression, they are only present. With their arms always crossed, they unconsciously create a communication barrier for others. They are a mix between statues, clowns and mutes.

6.- Chido or pretty

He is the typical character who believes them all, tries to outline a false charisma that is noticeable for miles. He believes that you are privileged to be at the same party as him and even more so if he makes you talk. All of his drinks are ordered in large glasses just like he does with his food. He tries to give an image of strength and security, but it backfires and projects hostility and arrogance.

7. Playboy

It is completely sexual, a real sex toy. They dress neatly and with bright accessories. They are hunting for a victim to make her see her fate (at least that’s what they think). Projects security, seduction and gives them all mine.

They are the ones who at drinking time stand at the bar or in some strategic place while they scan the place studying the girls to define who will be the possible victim of their charms.

8.- Relax

She navigates through life with a white flag and a slight smile, she glides through the party as if she were floating instead of walking, she doesn’t mess with anyone and is open to living with anyone. Walk around the place from here to there greeting and talking to everyone. They are distinguished from the crowd by being very affable. He usually drinks in small glasses, he is usually empathic and smiling.

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