The origin of sex toys: who invented them?

If you have ever believed that vibrators, masturbators and sex shops are an invention of the 21st century, you are very, very wrong. The origin of sex toys was much earlier than you think.   But who invented sex toys ?

Obviously (and fortunately) a lot of progress has been made in everything related to sexuality, including the field of sex toys, but not really that much. Although thousands of years have passed since the first ones were created, their form and purpose is the same: to have fun and enjoy our body!

The story of who invented sex toys

The origin of sex toys   is very varied, specifically this type of instrument arises in different cultures and at different times, so there is no universal creator. We tell you the origin of each one:

prehistoric dildos

The importance of sexual pleasure dates back to prehistory. What could be considered as the first dildo of humanity is approximately 28,000 years old. They are phallic-shaped dildos made of stone or wood, well polished, about 20 centimeters long.

greek dildos

In ancient Greece, Olisbos were common. The Olisbos were carved leather, wood or stone penises that could only be used by single women.

Even Hippocrates prescribed the use of sexual toys made of wood or stone for women.

egyptian vibrators

The first vibrator in history was created in Ancient Egypt. They are famous because even Queen Cleopatra used them! How were they made? You can’t even imagine it. Legend has it that a piece of fine leather was used and live bees were introduced. The buzzing and fluttering caused the vibration and pleasure desired by the queen.


With the origin of the first three sex toys, you may have thought that something was missing, an aid to our natural lubrication. At that time there was also the lubricant, but opting for products of natural origin, such as olive oil, being one of the first lubricants in history. The women impregnated all the gadgets with olive oil to practice self-pleasure and thus avoid chafing.

chinese penis rings

As you know, one of the uses of penis rings is to maintain its erection for a longer time. The first rings created for this purpose were invented in China more than 3,000 years ago. The first rings were made from goat’s eyelids, with eyelashes. These rings, in addition to maintaining the erection of the penis for a longer time, tickled the intimate parts of women.

Japanese Male Masturbators

In the seventh century there was a very popular erotic game among the Japanese aristocracy, it was called Kokigami. It consisted of the woman wrapping the man’s penis with a figure of tissue paper in the shape of an animal. From Enjoy my toy we believe that this is the purest representation of male masturbators!

geisha balls

What we know today as Chinese balls are more than 1,500 years old and, in reality, it is the product that has made the least progress. They still have the same objective, to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, in addition to giving pleasure, of course!

automatic dildos

The first automatic dildo was born as a medical treatment. Yes Yes! The first self-moving dildo was born to treat what was considered a female “disease” called hysteria. The symptoms of this disease were headaches, fluid retention, loss of appetite and irritability, among other symptoms.

It was created by a doctor, it worked for value and had the purpose of providing orgasms to women and thus relieve the symptoms described above.

Inflatable sailor dolls

The first inflatable dolls were previously called “travel ladies” and were used to accompany sailors on their long journeys. Its material and form is not like today’s. These were large amounts of fabric that imitated the female body.

When the industry advanced and the inflatable doll took the form in which we know it today, a rumor has it that Hitler himself, during World War II, ordered to deliver inflatable dolls to his soldiers to “relieve their tension” and prevent get STDs like that.


What were considered aphrodisiacs in the past? Mint and honey, these being the most used products. For many years, aphrodisiacs have been used in order to raise the libido of the couple.

Today we can find a wide variety of sex toys , with very innovative designs and materials. We love looking back and realizing what a liberation and revolution there has been in sexual health!

Now we have it much easier, with a single click we can get the erotic toy that we like the most, to enjoy in company or alone. Visit our website to discover the modernity of these sex toys.

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