Each and every one of us has a family tree, because we come from somewhere, we do not spring from the water. Of course, all of us have our ancestors, from whom we inherit our physical aspects or our behaviors and knowing where they come from is something that can mark us forever. But within all this, growing up next to grandparents is different, it is an aspect of fundamental importance, because grandparents, both those who are maternal and paternal, play an important part in the lives of children. Both the maternal and paternal grandmother play an irreplaceable role when they have to be present in the family and share with their grandchildren. This happens because grandmothers relate to their children’s children from a genetic perspective, of course, and also affective.

The paternal

grandmothers The maternal grandmother has an important and particular function, since she is attributed direct responsibility with the grandchildren more than the other grandmother. But paternal grandmothers also play a fundamental role in becoming a reference figure. Scientists suggest that paternal grandmothers may have different incentives than maternal grandmothers to invest in their grandchildren. This due to the differences in genetic relationships with both.

As with the maternal grandmother, the closeness that the child develops with the paternal grandmother will depend on the bond established with her. A paternal grandmother is always a tender figure, she is an older person who gives us unconditional love, she is a person who always takes care of us and who will ensure that we never lack for anything. They, the paternal grandmothers, what they first want is that their grandchildren do not lack anything and that they are well above all, because the love they feel for them is something immense and unmatched. A grandson can also feel great love for his grandmother, of course whenever they have the opportunity to develop a good bond even if they do not live close to each other. That does not mean that parents should step aside, leaving all the responsibility to grandparents. It is important that parents also work with their children (regardless of the relationship that children have with their parents’ parents) in promoting a good relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, because it will serve to feed the personality of the children. little ones. Paternal grandmothers also have other great values ​​that, even without realizing it, can be passed from generation to generation. She may be more aloof, but she’s still your father’s mother and if you’re here, it’s because she had a lot to do with it too. She is the one who gave birth to the one who is your father today, she has taken care of him and raised him, it is for that reason that you exist today. Exactly the same thing happens with children, if they hadn’t raised you as they have, perhaps they wouldn’t even have been born.

The role of the paternal grandmother

As mentioned in a few lines above, it is of the utmost importance that there be a special bond between grandmothers and grandchildren so that they are an influence of a positive character in the lives of the little ones. Of course, when we say that there must be a rapprochement, we are not specifically referring to grandparents ending up playing the role of parents. To put it in some way, grandmothers should be like a complement for the good growth of the child. Many grandmothers, both maternal and paternal, take on the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren when the parents are not at home and want someone they trust to do them that favor. But one thing must be understood clearly, this should not be the primary role of grandmothers, unless they say otherwise and want to take care of their grandchildren of their own free will. On the other hand, grandmothers also feel the need to financially help their children and therefore, their grandchildren, whenever they need. You just have to learn to separate things and parents should know perfectly well that grandmothers are not surrogate mothers for grandchildren. They do not have the obligation to clean, cook or economically support the whole family. They have been doing it for many years and when a time comes it is the children who must start taking care of them. cook or economically support the whole family. They have been doing it for many years and when a time comes it is the children who must start taking care of them. cook or economically support the whole family. They have been doing it for many years and when a time comes it is the children who must start taking care of them.

In one way or another, the grandchildren need to feel their grandmother close, who is next to them. Granny is of course free to choose what she wants to do. If she wants to cook for the family she is free to do so and… who would say otherwise? In fact, the whole family would like to try again that delicious dish that Grandma used to prepare. They always have a charm in culinary art.

The link with the figure of the paternal grandmother, as with the rest of the grandparents, can be something very special for the grandchildren. In addition, the time factor is something that does not forgive, and it is necessary to enjoy all the moments that we have to share with each of the grandparents so as not to regret it tomorrow, there is always something to learn from them. If your children are still lucky enough to be able to share with their paternal grandmother, as well as the other grandparents, always try to strengthen that bond. Never forget to visit your parents so that they can also enjoy their grandchildren, but try not to do this as a kind of obligation about what you are reading right now, do it because they are a family and the bond between them must be something solid.

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