They have been together for many years, but that does not mean that they do not have problems: the Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona footballer, Gerard Pique, constantly navigate between rumors of conflicts, infidelities and definitive estrangements.

Now it was known what the real problem between them would be.

The beginning

The World Cup in South Africa was unforgettable: it was the first held on the South African continent and, furthermore, Spain was able to fulfill its old dream of reaching sporting glory, by being crowned champion.

But it will be even more unforgettable for Shakira and Pique, because at that moment they met and began their relationship.

But… wasn’t she in a relationship with Antonito de la Rua? And isn’t it just a year later that the courtship with the Barcelona player was formalized?

Probably, yes to all of the above, according to several later interviews.

History says that the Colombian was designated to do the theme “Waka waka”, identifying that World Cup.

At that time, Pique was the undisputed starter in the Spanish representation.

The destinies of both crossed precisely at the launch of the musical theme.

The crush was instant… and from both sides.

“I’m going to win this World Cup because I want to see you at the end of the tournament and invite you to a romantic dinner,” was the promise that the soccer player made to the singer when he finished recording the video for “Waka, Waka.” It would have sounded like a joke, but the strong defender took it seriously.

At that time, both were in a relationship: Shakira, as we said before, with Antonito de la Rua, son of the former Argentine president; the footballer, with the model Nuria Tomas.

But when love gets in the way, there’s nothing to be done: finally, some time later, they announced their relationship. In between, there is an uncertain time of rumours…things of the past).

suspicions and more suspicions

In all this time, several rumors of infidelity, on both sides, have shaken the couple.

On the singer’s side, many have wanted to see much more than a simple artistic collaboration in her rapprochement with fellow Colombian Maluma, especially after the release of “Clandestino”, a song that many think of as a statement of what they are really experiencing. two and remember what happened with De la Rua at the time.

As for Gerard Pique, suspicions point to his previous relationship with the model Nuria Tomas, which had ended on good terms, even remaining as good friends and confidants. In various media, they speculated, on various occasions, that this friendly relationship had turned into something more, recalling the old saying: “where there was fire, ashes remain.”

Certainly and concretely, nothing: the singer and the soccer player have always been shown together and on social networks they have been shown together on several occasions … and even those photos are suspected, because they analyze how they look at each other, if they are touching each other or not , if their eyes express love or not and thousands of etcetera.

It is already known: when you want to find something, you find it.

The basic anger

The couple has faced multiple rumors over the years. Although they have denied everything, there was always the feeling that “something” was happening between them.

There was talk of his old relationships and collaborations with artists that went beyond the musical, on her part. Rumors of infidelity never proven or confirmed.

Nothing was denied and they were always very active and in love on their social networks. But now it has been known what is the real reason for the conflict between the two.

And that it would have nothing to do with the existence of a third person in the couple.

Beyond her musical talent, the success of the Colombian has been based on her well-worked body, her suggestive choreography and a wardrobe that, on occasions, leaves very little to the imagination.

And this seems to be the fundamental reason for Gerard Pique’s anger.

The conflict would have started when the soccer player wanted to make Shakira understand that the photos in which she appears in a bikini were too suggestive, considering that she already has two children with him. In Spain it is customary for women, once they are mothers, to be more discreet.

And as an example of this way of thinking, very recently the Colombian has been heavily criticized for taking her children to school wearing shorts. There were many who made various comments, showing her disagreement with the artist’s look when going to the children’s school. “Cover up” or “How do you go to school like this?” were some of the phrases that could be published after the photographs.


The observation of her partner would not have gone down well with Shakira, bothering her a lot, because she has always reserved creative freedom to show herself as she wants, according to the choreography and the theme of the video or the production of photos and has made it very clear to Gerard.

Although it seems a distant and outdated topic, apparently from time to time disputes arise around it.

Always exposed to the “surveillance” of the general public, the couple always faces great pressure, even after ten years of being together.

Time will tell that the love they have for each other will survive the pressures. So far, they have succeeded and with flying colors.

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