Waiting for your hair to dry before straightening it with an iron can be a chore, especially if you are in a hurry, however, it is worth waiting a bit to start styling. It has nothing to do with your ends being mistreated or leaving your hair dull and dull, it is something that could seriously affect your health. You have probably noticed that the labels of hair straighteners advise consumers not to use electrical appliances on wet hair, the reason being that, although the chances are slim, there is a risk of electric shock.

The chances are almost nil, but they can increase if we comb our hair with the flat iron while we are barefoot. This is because, for the electric current to pass through us, it needs a place to enter (the head) and another to exit (the feet), while, when we put on shoes, they work as an insulator and the current has no way to circulate through the body.

Recently, a 22-year-old Brazilian woman named Camila Sales was electrocuted while using a hair straightener, immediately after getting out of her shower. According to her relatives, she had won the device as a reward for her performance at the cosmetics company where she worked as a salesperson.

“I plugged it in and he started straightening his hair. The brush never exploded, but it received a huge electric shock,” said her sister-in-law, Vania Ramos.

Her husband found her on the floor and although he immediately took her to the doctor, she died a few hours later.

7 common mistakes when flat ironing your hair

You don’t protect it

Using a heat protector is basic. Many women don’t even know about the product and very few actually use it. It is important that you apply it to the hair before using the iron, as it will provide the shield it needs to stay healthy and shiny. you raise the temperature

Many irons reach ridiculously high temperatures and should only be used by women with very curly and thick hair. 410 degrees is the ideal amount for most people, so check the temperature the next time you use the iron.

you advance and stop

It is very easy to recognize a girl who does not know how to iron her hair. Just look at her straight hair and if she has horizontal marks across her head, it’s because she made a mistake when styling her hair.

You make a lot of passes.

Apply the same idea as in the previous point. If you think that the more passes you give your hair with the iron, the straighter it will be, you are wrong. On the contrary, the only thing you achieve is to dehydrate it due to the heat and over time it ends up being mistreated.

The ideal is that you give only 3 or 4 passes and it is very important that you do it with a slow and continuous movement to avoid leaving the hair marked. Take into account the previous point to regulate the temperature.

Before ironing it, pass a brush through your hair to remove all the knots that may be there. Then slide the iron down in one motion. Don’t go down and then stop, because that causes those horrible marks in the hair.

Wet hair

When you run the flat iron through your hair and you hear a hiss or see steam coming out, it’s definitely not a good thing. Wait for your hair to dry a little more, reduce the temperature of the iron a few degrees, to avoid burning the ends, in addition to the safety factor that we mentioned above. The hair must be 100% dry to avoid dehydration and obtain a more marked straightening.

Bigger is better

If you think the bigger and wider plank is best, you should try a thin and long plank. These characteristics mean that the iron can reach the hairline where it tends to be more Chinese or wavy. A ceramic or tourmaline flat iron is an excellent option and they are one inch wide.

You take very thick strands of hair .

If you take very thick strands of hair, it will take longer to straighten it and the result will not be the best, in fact, it will most likely be somewhat fluffy.

To obtain a perfect and longer lasting straight, make sure that the sections of hair are approximately 1 cm thick.

Iron your hair with gel, styling cream or any other styling product.

When ironing the hair it is important that it is perfectly clean and dry. If you do it with residue of any hair product that is not a silicone or styling cream, your hair will end up looking dirty, matted and can even cause unpleasant aromas.

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