Santos, goalkeeper for Atletico Paranaense, was caught looking at his cell phone during an attack by his team against Atletico Mineiro.

The goalkeeper Aderbar Melo dos Santos Neto, better known as Santos, decided to check his cell phone, while his team, Atletico Paranaense, played the match of the fifth date of the Brazilian Championship, against Atletico Mineiro. The video shows the initial minutes of the match, where goalkeeper Santos appears on his knees inside his goal during a minute of silence, but then gets up and walks to the right upright to pick up a towel and then drink your cell phone and check it. All this, while his companions began an attack on the rival goal.

In the video that was originally published by the Globoesporte sports portal, it can be seen that during the warm-up of Atletico Paranaense, and before the start of the match, an assistant walks through the small area and reaches the goal guarded by Santos and leaves a towel precisely in the place where the cell phone was. The goalkeeper had enough time to review the content of the electronic device (25 seconds) and return it to the site, just as Atletico Mineiro started an attacking play, and Santos hurriedly returned to his area. In the images published by Globoesporte, some Paranaense fans are also observed who, astonished, did not leave their astonishment at seeing this behavior of the goalkeeper, and even claimed the goalkeeper for his actions.

say that in the world of soccer everything is invented, but this goalkeeper has taken it upon himself to prove that it isn’t. During the match of the Brazilian first division between Atletico Paranaense and Atletico Mineiro, the goalkeeper Aderbar Melo dos Santos Neto, better known as ‘Santos’, was caught looking at his cell phone but not for the reason you imagine.

The goalkeeper, with total self-confidence, decides at that moment to leave his goal and start looking at the phone without caring what is happening in the match The match ended with the 1-2 defeat of Atletico Paranaense, and remains in the lower part of the table, exactly in the fourteenth position of the classification. Atletico Paranaense has subsequently declared on its social networks that the act of the Brazilian goalkeeper is part of a campaign that wants to alert the danger of using the mobile in other areas of your life, exactly while you are driving.

“The fans were outraged with me, as I do with people who drive looking at their cell phones,” said the goalkeeper of the Curitiba team, who with his gesture sent a strong and forceful message.

The official website of Paranaense published that each year in Brazil there are more than 400 thousand traffic accidents. Using a cell phone while driving is one of the main causes of death in Brazil.

Here we share 4 reasons why you should avoid using the phone while driving:

Call of attention

Studies reveal that “after 90 seconds of talking on the mobile, even using hands-free, a driver does not perceive 40% of the signals. In addition, its speed is low, the heart rate accelerates sharply during the call, and it takes longer to react.

More dangerous than drunk driving

According to a study carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, in the United Kingdom, reveals that responding to Facebook messages through the mobile device, while driving, is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.

Using the social network reduces the response of drivers by 37.6%, sending a text message reduces the reaction by 34.7%, the use of hands-free makes you lose the ability to react by 21%.

opposite poles

Although many of us consider that we can carry out several activities at the same time, the reality is different when it comes to driving and using the mobile device; because each of these need a lot of concentration.

Damage to third parties

This reason is quite simple, your life is in your hands, it is your job to be able to take care of it; however, when you are distracted while driving, you put other people’s lives at risk, whether they are your companions, a pedestrian or people in another vehicle.

On the other hand, according to a study by Epidemiology Resources of the University of Boston, the most serious risk that the cell phone produces in human health is that of causing traffic accidents. The study provides data on this “epidemic”: talking while driving quadruples the risk of accidents. One of the most dangerous moments is when receiving a call, since the heart rate suddenly increases due to surprise and alters the pulsations and brain activity, even with the hands-free system. Another is when dialing or looking for a number, which requires between 5 and 10 seconds (at 120 km/h it means between 180 and 350 meters without proper control) and speed is reduced by 12%, which can cause rear-end accidents. The risk increases with the passing of seconds: in a 90s conversation, 40% of the signals are not perceived. Do not use the cell phone while driving, be aware.

Take a look at the video:
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