An ancient oriental legend, the “legend of the red thread”, tells us from ancient times, the most sublime interpretation of the feeling of belonging of two people who are destined to share life forever. It is a legend that is recognized in different ways in both Japanese and Chinese mythology. For Western culture it is the equivalent of what we know under the concept of soul mates. No matter how far apart they are, if they are meant for each other, their lives will have to cross at some point. And you, have you found the other end of your red thread? Legend has it that the gods took on the task of tying a red thread joining two people, on the little finger according to the Japanese, and on the ankle according to the Chinese. Thus,

Under such premises, there are no distances for two people who will love each other forever. No matter where in the world they are, neither the city nor the most remote place, the union that the red thread symbolically implies is stronger than any distance. Although they do not physically touch each other, nor can they look at each other face to face for many years of their lives, the red thread already keeps them united forever.

No one, not even the gods who marked that destiny, know exactly the moment in which the ends of the same thread that will be able to tense and extend infinitely until they finally meet will have to come together. It is likely that life insists on separating them, but there will come a time in life when they will be one. When you meet the person who has the end of the same thread that you have, just by looking into each other’s eyes they will feel as if they had known each other all their lives, they will see themselves reflected in the eyes of each one, the heart will begin to accelerate inexplicably and there they will become aware of the feeling of belonging that unites them.

Legend has it that no matter the circumstance of life in which you find yourself at that moment, or what is happening with your life, because things will happen at the right time for it, when destiny decides that it is so. The effect of the chemistry that there will be between you will be such and as intense as it has never happened to you before and the only thing that both of you will want is to remain united, even if the world collapses around you.

It will be that person who wants to accompany you in all your adventures and it will be with whom you want to share and build tomorrow, the same goals, dreams and projects in common. They will feel able to think about their future together looking both in the same direction. If for some reason, whatever it may be, these two connected people can get separated, fate will take care of moving the pieces on the board exactly in the right way so that both come back together even with their similarities and differences, the feeling of belonging is so strong that destiny will unite them as many times as possible until they are united forever.

The legend of the red thread

“They say that, in Asian lands, hundreds of years ago, an emperor found out that a witch with magical powers lived in a city of the kingdom under his charge. The woman had the special gift of seeing the red thread of destiny that unites two people who love each other, so she sent a servant to look for her.

When the witch appeared before him, the emperor ordered him to look for the other end of the thread that was tied to his little finger and then take him in front of who would be his future wife. The witch began the search following the thread carefully. That was how they arrived at a market, where a poor peasant woman was carrying a baby in her arms.

When they got to where the peasant was, the witch stopped walking, standing in front of her and asked her to stop and look at her. He then asked the young emperor to come closer and told him: “your thread ends here”, but the emperor felt extremely offended, he thought that the witch played a heavy joke on him. At that moment he pushed the peasant with the baby she was carrying and it fell from her, causing the girl to injure her forehead, leaving a large mark on it. Then he asked the guard who accompanied him to arrest the witch and sentenced her to be beheaded.

Years passed, and the time came when the emperor’s time to get married was fulfilled and his court advised him to marry the daughter of a very wealthy general. He made the decision to accept. The day of the wedding, when he saw her wife’s face for the first time, he saw her enter the temple with a veil that covered her entire face. Picking it up, she was met with a beautiful face bearing a strange scar on her forehead.”

If you haven’t found the end of your red thread yet or, if you prefer, your soul mate, let life surprise you sooner or later. The best thing about this legend is that it teaches you to leave everything in the hands of time. Don’t break down waiting or because love doesn’t come into your life when you think it’s time. Life will make sure that you find that end of the thread you are looking for, when it should happen.


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