Infidelity is a phenomenon that is increasing every day, statistics are getting higher in relation to this issue. However, and according to recent studies, it is always the deceived woman who wins, but why? Perhaps because we have never stopped to ask or rather to listen to the lover’s version. Society, for the most part, has created stereotypes about who “the other” is, they always describe her as an attractive woman, without prejudice and with few scruples, a woman with almost no feelings and even very capable of getting involved with a married man. The suffering caused by this type of relationship is not limited to the wife and children of the marriage, but also directly affects the lover, who may have entered the relationship in love with a man who managed to conquer her based on lies.

It is true that each of us women deserve to find love, but sometimes we must think carefully about whether it is worth doing it at the cost of another person’s suffering. If the man already has another commitment, for example, a courtship or a marriage, things are probably not going well with you, since he is someone who is unable to face his own problems. Well, otherwise, he would be encouraged to decide for one of the two, without the need to go around having a lover. Normally people only point the finger at the lover, she is always considered as “the destroyer of couples”, so if you are in a clandestine relationship or you plan to be the other, you should read these reflections before continuing:

You will always be seen as a home wrecker
If your partner ends their relationship to be with you, you will always be seen as a home wrecker; even if they already had problems between them, everyone will think that you were to blame for having separated him from his wife or children, what’s more, society will not avoid looking at your relationship as the basis for someone else’s suffering, even the people close to him will feel I reject you, even if they deny it.

Your time is worth gold and you can’t afford it

Let’s say that your public life is more important, and since your relationship is secret, forget about spending your birthdays, anniversaries or vacations together. For no reason is he going to allow himself to be seen with you, because someone could tell his wife. And if necessary, he will not hesitate twice to reject you when you need him most.

He only makes promises
. Excuses will flow like water from a spring. He will always give you excuses to justify the reason why he cannot get a divorce: he will always talk to you about the situations related to his children, he will also mention his work, his status and maybe he will talk about his house, but the only real reason why doesn’t do it is because he doesn’t want to leave her, otherwise he would have done it already.

You are replaceable

Despite telling you that he loves you, just as he lied and conquered you, he could conquer someone else at any time, that is, you if you are replaceable. However, you must take one thing into account: it is very likely that he will make you look less in front of his wife and guess what, you are not in a position to claim anything in your favor, since if a problem arises with you, he will It will be very easy to replace you and solve the problem that way.

Relationships are not perfect
It seems that together they live a perfect relationship, full of parties, meals, fun and walks; but that’s just a reflection of what he can’t do with his wife. Everything he does with you, let’s say, is like a kind of relief and everything he enjoys with you, in the end ends up being a mirage of moments.

guilt and remorse

Not all women who choose to be “the other” are capable of showing that feeling of guilt or remorse. It is something that they do not show, not because they do not feel it, but it is simply about that feminine pride, a pride that the man himself was in charge of snatching them and in some way or another they always try to look strong in the face of that fact. Even if you make yourself believe that everything is going the right way and that they will be happy, in the end the only thing left for you is to settle for what he offers you.

You settle for less than you are capable of having It may be difficult for you to assimilate it, but it is a reality that affects many areas such as: social classes, age groups and countries. The same happens in love, that is, when you decide to play the role of lover, it is most likely that you will only receive the remainder of what the man gives to his formal partner, although with his words he tries to convince you that the story is not like that. Are you willing to live on your own?

Many times we do not understand what are the reasons that can drive a woman to mess with someone who already has a partner. We cannot say that they are only victims of a deception, since many do it consciously and knowing what they are exposed to. Try to seek help to discover the reasons that are leading you to seek this type of relationship, because you are a valuable woman and you deserve a love that is completely yours. In love, as well as in other areas of life, it is important that you begin to love yourself first, to be able to do that with others. Being happy is your decision, because you only have this life and you deserve a good relationship, nothing halfway.

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