In couples not everything is mutual agreement, no human being is the same as the other and just as there are physical differences, there are also disparities in thoughts. That is why men and women always have certain attitudes or some other detail that we do not like very much about our partner and vice versa. However, whether we like it or not, there are certain attitudes that persist or weigh more than others. To cite an example, we have insecurity, which in dating relationships can be quite annoying, so much so that it can be the cause of disagreements and fights at every turn.

This type of problem occurs in a very common way, that is, you can hear from your family, friends, or anyone who wants to tell you about their love affairs. But where does all this lead? Without a doubt, being next to an insecure man can be one of the most pathetic things for a woman, it is even very likely that she will not be happy being with a man who, apart from being insecure, feels jealousy. Insecurity in a name is generally due to having low self-esteem and that is a detail that represents a poor self-esteem. But this does not end there, since it can also have negative consequences for the relationship, such as: having a certain hatred towards the insecure partner, or in other cases it also ends with infidelity towards the man. That’s why I recommend that if you’re with someone like that, it’s better that you run away.

· One of the worst things is to be asked if you like it

Sometimes there are such obvious things that such silly questions can arise, just like when you are with a boy in private, because if you are with him it is because you like him both physically and emotionally, or you may only like him in one way, but the main idea is that you like them, and it sounds so desperate that they ask you again if you really like them or find them attractive and isn’t it obvious? Given this, it is likely that you will only give him one answer and it is “yes”, since if you sleep with him it is precisely because you like him and if you do not like him, you will not tell him “I do not like you” at that moment either, so what? Why ask something you already know the answer to?

He wants to know where and with whom you are

In many relationships it happens that the boyfriend is constantly asking you where and with whom you are, of course these questions can cover up several things, it may be on the one hand that there is mistrust or on the other, that your partner simply worries too much because you are well. But be that as it may, the truth and concreteness of asking these things every so often is something that becomes very annoying, especially because you feel a little bit controlled, which doesn’t give you the freedom to do certain things. Therefore, if you are going to ask these types of questions, try to do it with the greatest possible discretion and do not get angry if it takes a while to answer you, remember that your partner handles different times than you. This is advice for both men and women, as it can happen from man to woman and vice versa.

· Why do you dress like that?

Not only do they control where you walk, but they even tell you what to wear! The worst thing a person can hear from men and women who don’t feel even a little bit sure of themselves, is that they tell you how to dress. Always remember that times change and people do too, so if you didn’t like to dress well before, you may have found a taste for looking beautiful. That is a valid detail between couples and you have no reason to distrust, just as he cannot prohibit you from using what makes you look best. It is a relationship, and in it there must be trust, otherwise it is like building a house without a foundation, sooner or later it will fall. If you are insecure, try to be and if you can’t, you should attend with a professional to help you. We all need a partner who places their trust in us.

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