Your penis is a sacred thing. That’s why you have to treat it as such. However, there are many men with erection problems , infections, or other problems with their penis. Due to a poor awareness of how to treat their penis, many men have problems due to bad habits.

The penis is a fundamental part of a man’s body. Whether you’re having sex, taking a shower, or cleaning up after sex, you need to be careful when touching it. Also your eating habits have a lot to do with the issue. If you want your penis to be healthy and function perfectly, you will have to give up several bad habits in your lifestyle.

I received this email

I write this article because the last half of the year I received 4 guys who asked me to write about it. One of them was Jonas. During his time as a student at his university, he was too shy to ask girls out. That’s why he masturbated several times a day. “I became addicted and because of this and one day my penis stopped standing. On the few occasions that he did, he had pain in the toe and was tender.

Jonas is now in his late twenties and has a girlfriend. He stopped masturbating, but it’s still hard for him to get an erection. This is a problem, because he is already causing problems for her in the relationship. Jonas asked me to write about it and here is a list of things that can lead to erection problems, infections or other problems with your penis. Thus, men should take special care when dealing with their penis to avoid any damage with irreversible effects. So let’s start:

Wear tight underwear

Tight underwear affects blood flow to the penis and therefore reduces sperm production. When your underwear is very tight, the testicles will be raised. The best sperm production happens at one degree Celsius less than body temperature. But when a man wears tight clothing, the testicles are pushed into the body where the temperature is higher. Wearing those tight underwear can also lead to your testicles being tight and causing you pain.


I love the sauna and 1 year ago I didn’t know this. Like tight underwear and clothing, saunas increase the temperature, especially in the scrotum. This reduces sperm production and can lead to fertility problems in the long run.


Another stupid thing I did in my life was smoking. We all know that smoking is bad in general. But it also has other bad side effects.

Smoking leads to penile tissue damage which means a man will not be able to get an erection while making love.

bad shaving habits

I will always recommend shaving your pubic hair. Your penis looks bigger and most women don’t want a hairy penis.

But pubic hair reduces friction and helps control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. A good way to avoid skin damage is to keep the hair short with scissors.

a lot of masturbation

This is a very bad habit, especially when you replace it with normal sex . This also causes bleeding in the penis. When done vigorously, you will produce bloody semen.

Frequent or strong masturbation can cause minor skin irritation. It can forcibly bend an erect penis and can rupture blood-filled chambers, a rare but horrible condition called penile fracture. And with penile fractures, there is the formation of scars that will lead to a poor erection in the future.

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Poor hygiene

It is crucial to keep your penis clean. Not just because you want your partner to perform oral sex on you. But you’ll also want to keep it clean from a medical standpoint.

Poor hygiene can lead to infections.

Uncircumcised men are more prone to infections that affect the head of the penis as well as the skin and can sometimes lead to infertility.

Also, poor hygiene causes urinary tract infections and brings a bad smell which can lead to problems in the relationship, especially if your partner does not want intimacy.

Many experts suggest cleaning the penis after sex. The fluids released during the act can be the origin of various bacteria.

Instead of cleaning it with a cloth, clean it with water.

bent penis

The penis is not designed to bend at extreme angles, especially when erect. Do not try to bend the penis more than 30 degrees.

And be careful with extreme sexual positions. I know that I give advice to be able to experience new things, but you should not put yourself in extreme sexual positions that can cause damage.

pull the penis

I know… we all want a big penis. But don’t be the stupid guy who thinks that pulling your penis will increase its size.

First of all, it has not been proven that your penis will grow by pulling on it. And if you feel like you have to stretch it and do it enthusiastically, you can damage the muscles and tissues.

Being good in bed isn’t just about having a big penis, no, it’s about having knowledge and skills.


In the previous articles, I have given you many reasons why obesity is bad. Not only is it not good for your general health, but it can cause erection problems.

In most cases, the factors that lead to obesity can cause the penis to become shorter and smaller. This can lead to low sperm production.

high blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause erection problems. And if this is your problem, you should consult a doctor. A doctor can give you advice to control your blood pressure.


Alcohol, that thing we all need for a party! But unfortunately, this drink causes dehydration, which leads to poor blood flow to the penis. Alcohol can also lead to long-term erection problems.

If you go out with your friends and they go to a party, why not? We only live once. But this can be a real problem, when you drink alcohol every day.

wash the penis

According to, it’s a good idea to keep your penis clean, but not by vigorously wiping or washing it, because the skin is delicate and there’s a higher risk of damaging it from friction. This, on the other hand, can put you at risk of a sexually transmitted disease, including HIV.

Avoid using a lot of force to clean your genitals: you don’t need to invest in high-end products because you can use a mild soap. Avoid using chemical body washes as they can irritate your penis.

How to keep your penis clean
  • The penis should only be cleaned with water (and mild soap) no matter how dirty you think it is.
  • Eat a balanced diet and reduce your intake of sugar and salt.
  • Sleep enough.

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