The charismatic Judith Bustos, better known as ‘La Tigresa del Oriente’, said that she would soon marry her partner of two years, Elmer Molocho, who is 45 years younger. However, the age difference is not a problem, especially now that the singer decided to undergo surgery. The Tigress of the East revealed that the “golden stitch” was done, an operation that consists of rebuilding the hymen so that a sensation of pain and bleeding is generated as when having sexual intercourse for the first time, before marrying the young singer .

“I am happy because my divorce is about to come out and with this my marriage is approaching. I already got the ‘golden stitch’, that will be my wedding present”, commented the artist.

It should be noted that this intervention takes between 6 or 8 weeks to heal, after this time you can perform daily activities normally. In recent years, getting the ‘golden point’ has become more popular and women do not hesitate to do it to feel new experiences with their partners, as is the case of the Tigress of the East. Juana Judith Bustos Ahuite (Constancia, Peru, November 22, 1945), better known as La Tigresa del Oriente, is a Peruvian singer, songwriter, actress, makeup artist and hairdresser, who due to her videos on YouTube became a character of Internet.1

Called “The Queen of YouTube” by some media outlets, she achieved popular recognition through her viral clips framed within the Latin American kitsch culture. His first record work was published in 2007 with the title Duelo de Gigantes, at the hands of the Warner Music label in Mexico, in 2010 he released a special compilation for Argentina entitled De la Selva, his Cumbia produced by Silbando Discos and in 2011, he premiered his second studio album Fiesta Felina, at the hands of the independent label Kantaro Records. In February 2015 she released her third album Mi Lindo Peru on iTunes and Amazon.

He has collaborated with various artists, including Delfin Quishpe and Wendy Sulca on the song “En tus Tierras Bailare” and Dante Spinetta on the video clip “Pa’ tras”. In addition, she has dabbled in theater, and in 2015 she stripped for the well-known Colombian magazine SoHo. In 2016 she participated in the reality show Dancing with the Stars, on channel RCN, 8 and in 2017 she participated in the segment “Bailando por un sueno”, on the Showmatch program, on Channel 13

Judith Bustos was born in the town of Constancia, near the Tamshiyacu stream, in the district of Fernando Lores (province of Maynas, Department of Loreto), because at that time her father, who was from Manaus, was working in a company that employed workers at the time of the rubber fever in the Peruvian jungle, where they lived for a few years with their mother from Loreto, in extreme poverty. She is the fifth daughter of sixteen siblings. She studied in the town of Iquitos. She had her first musical experience at the age of ten, at a local radio station contest. All this stage of her life takes place in the Amazon region of eastern Peru. She migrated at the age of twelve, to the city of Lima, where she lived in an aunt’s house, she finished her studies, and later she worked as a domestic worker to pay for a course in cosmetology. There he had his second musical encounter where he played a ranchera. At eighteen she married her, but after a while she divorced her, keeping custody of her two daughters Jenny and Jacquelin.

She began as a hairdresser and makeup artist, later working for several Peruvian television networks, where she characterized humorist Carlos Alvarez for many years in the program El Especial del Humor on the Latina Television channel and even artists and singers such as Celia Cruz, El Puma Rodriguez, Paloma Saint Basil and Raffaella Carra.

Upon the death of her brother, Cesar Bustos Ahuite, who committed suicide in 2013,2021, she declared feeling “very sorry”, although she had not had contact with him for 54 years. She did not remarry , although she maintains a sentimental relationship with the singer Elmer Molocho. 23 She is the grandmother of a grandson and recently published her book “A New Dawn”.

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