How do men call us women attention? What do we want from them or with what physical aspect do they become totally irresistible? If we could choose our ideal man, perhaps many of us would think of different traits than those that another would like, because we all have “guilty” tastes and there are aspects or characteristic traits that call our attention. Big or slanted eyes, light or brown eyes, tall or our height, dark, blonde, big shoulders, with a good butt or maybe, just with a great charisma and makes you have a good time, they may have features that make us opinions different from each other.

Traveler’s Digest magazine does a study every year to find out who is the sexiest and most handsome man in the world. Despite the fact that her method of investigation is not at all clear, she affirms that it is based entirely on the woman’s perspective since it is the most objective and impartial opinion that can exist. In each country they have their features that make them characteristic of there and that for the most part make them extremely sexy and very handsome, despite the fact that all women have a particular taste, the beauty of men in some cities may perhaps be that more geometric that makes them so handsome that they simply call our attention as we pass by. We will show you some of the countries where this happens very frequently.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, its artistic structures in which the Bauhaus stands out and a very contemporary cultural scene, Tel Aviv has become a point that sets trends in the entire world. Those of the masculine sex usually show off their tanned body in the most trendy places and on the various beaches of the city, at night they usually go out to show their best face and conquer the native girls or perhaps even some foreigners.

9. Milan, Italy

One of the emblematic fashion cities with a majestic cultural heritage due to the Romans, it also has some of the most sensual men in the world. And they have no doubt about that, their vanity is perceived in the air. Milan is home to some of the most dazzling looks on men and they can’t wait to wear the latest clothes and look dapper as ever. Italian men, in addition to having great beauty, are known for their unbeatable tactics of conquest.

8. Berlin, Germany

Perhaps it is because of their intelligence, originality or those faces that express strength and kindness that puts them on the list of the most handsome in the world. Berlin is one of the cities with the most diversity in terms of culture, since it has a large number of museums, cafes and historical places. They simply love to strike up an intelligent conversation with a woman who allows herself to be loved and protected by a man capable of doing so.
7. Madrid, Spain

City built by traditions and in terms of its architecture, it is classic and it has some of the most sensual Latinos. They have the ability to convince many girls of their passion and unconditional love, because their captivating face and sex appeal are the cause of more than one falling at their feet.

6. Sydney, Australia

Intellectual and with a beautiful tan, Australians are known as some of the best lovers. These can be all day in a cozy place or learning to surf. They are relaxed, lovers of tranquility and the options to make their sensitivity known will not give you a chance to get bored.

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Like Tango, Argentines have their sensual side. Sports lovers and highly educated, they are somewhat complicated but wonderful, a trait of today’s mystery man. Their characteristic accent and egomania make them irresistible to many women, both native and foreign, their charm makes them number five on the list.
4. Lisbon, Portugal

Super educated and very proud of their country, the native men of Lisbon are usually tall, charismatic and very athletic, they are all chivalrous men who can conquer any woman, their traditions make them authentic, as they have one of the most wonders of the world.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

They stand out for being taller than the average man in Europe, they are attracted by friendly women and with great fluency when striking up a conversation. Although sometimes they tend to be very reserved, it is totally easy to fall in love with them, either with a bike ride in the moonlight or simply visiting the city with its medieval touch.

2. New York, United States

The most exciting city in the world: everything you can think of to do, the variety of culture you want to know, everything you want to explore or what you want to try in terms of food, you can find it in this place and by that we also mean the men. The most irresistible men can be found anywhere, those who come to this city to find fame and fortune.
1.- Stockholm, Sweden

These are described as being the coldest, most individualistic and distant men, but that is not correct. They also stand out for being unattractive due to their Nordic features, but those ideas are far from how they really are. Most Swedish men dress impeccably and what makes them stand out is their great patience in developing a strange practice, called “Swedish courtship”, which consists in that at the time of meet your better half, you must dedicate yourself to your love for life.

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