Dreaming of an argument is extremely common. We experience these dreams when we are going through a real personal conflict and they serve to resolve it, become aware of its existence or amplify its importance. Both men and women have them.

Mainly these dreams indicate that we urgently need to resolve an uncomfortable situation that has been repressed for longer than our mind could bear, that lasts too long and that the unconscious tries to bring to the surface so that we look at reality head-on and find solutions, which will require will and courage. Otherwise, we will continue to be contaminated by the problem of the conflict and, therefore, the dreams of discussions will not leave us.

Next we will give you a clear example of the interpretation of a dream:

Jacques’s dream, 49 years old: he argues with his boss and kills him

I am alone in a desert with my boss. We are arguing (yet in reality I hardly dare to speak to him!) and I start beating him until he is dead. I go and see in the distance that some vultures arrive to devour it. I feel immense satisfaction and I start to laugh. In fact, it’s my laugh that wakes me up!”

Analysis carried out by doctors Alain Heril, psychoanalyst and sex therapist and Claire Delabare, Jungian analyst (Jung considers that dreams of discussion are the sign of an intrapsychic conflict that we cannot solve in reality) well, the dream shows that our dark side tries to express itself to allow us to move forward on our path of determination

“This is a prototypical compensation dream. The unconscious takes care of what we cannot do in real life and amplifies it to the point of absurdity. It should be noted that the sadistic pleasure provided by this dream is extremely liberating.

What you should know about it.

Nobody likes to be involved in problems, gossip and much less in discussions because we assume that we do not have to go so far because we have the gift of speaking, however, when adrenaline takes over us many times we fall into the game of discussion. In fact, one of the most recurrent dreams that human beings have is precisely to dream that we are arguing, but what does this mean?

Dreaming with arguing is a warning or an alert of possible problems with a loved one, mainly a misunderstanding with our partner or a very close relative.

However, that meaning can vary depending on various factors that are present in our dream, for example: Arguing with an intellectual: It is because perhaps you have a hidden talent that you cannot exploit it, because you know that you can be very good at it, but you it’s scary to experiment and dare to do things.

Discussions with parents: You seek to get out of your comfort zone and renew yourself, you want your independence and do what you think is more convenient for you, in these cases if you are really wanting that, it is to talk to your parents seriously to have peace and feel supported in your decisions without having to come to an argument, organize your ideas and priorities.

Just listening to an argument: It is the announcement of problems and if you have a business it can also indicate a bad streak. However, the attitude you have towards that problem can be very significant because you will need to trust yourself to be victorious.

Witnessing an argument: Some difficult and crucial moments are coming in your professional life and things may not go as planned, but if this dream is recurrent and you have a partner, you should be careful because your relationship could end.

Arguing with a lover: Those who have this dream is because the changes in their work life will begin to occur little by little, because everything comes in due time.

Arguing with someone from work or school: If this happens it is because you have some hidden feeling of conflict towards that person and it is a good time to put an end to it because you are not able to express it verbally, then the subconscious tries to expose it. To dream of a young girl who is arguing with someone means that she will be the object of heavy jokes, which can bring serious consequences.

To dream of a married woman with discussions is a bad omen, since it portends separation and continuous disagreements with her husband.

Sounding like you hear others argue means you’ll be out of luck and disappointed in business.

To dream that you are arguing with a person, means that you have some hidden and deep feeling of conflict towards that person and you have trouble talking about it with him, you are not able to express it verbally, that’s why you dream about it. When someone has something so strong in the subconscious, it is usually expressed through dreams. Once you have dreamed it, it will be easier for you to be aware of it and talk about it with him.

To dream that you overhear an argument by chance means that you will get bad results in business.

To dream that you have a dispute over inconsequential and unimportant things means that you will suffer from some health problem and that there will be people who will behave unfairly with you and will judge you very badly. To dream that you are arguing with her lover means that she is going to change jobs or jobs in her current company.

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