All, absolutely all, have reproached our partner at some point in our lives, but there are other cases where we spend filling them with them. On the other hand, we may also have been victims of reproaches and the truth is not pleasant at all, on the contrary, it is extremely irritating, so much so that sometimes we even wish we were deaf so as not to listen to our partner. Well, precisely nobody said that life as a couple was something easy, it does not require the work of one, but of both so that it can be successful, healthy and above all lasting. It is inevitable that with coexistence conflicts arise that may endanger the relationship. Problems will be inevitable, but it depends on each member how they will face them. As you can see, the reproaches originate from the smallest thing, to the most serious.

Why do the reproaches appear?

The reproaches usually appear when the relationship enters a stage of crisis, because one of the main reasons is to generate certain expectations about your partner and that these are not fulfilled, then we also have the passage of time and the difficulties of coexistence. These are some factors that can generate disenchantment towards your partner, also bringing reproaches.

One of the main reasons why reproaches originate in couples is for not accepting the other person as they are and demanding that they be the way you want them to be; Another reason is that we also do not accept that you have a different point of view from ours. Some people even use reproach to manipulate the other, so that they do what they say and behave as they want.

In the list of the worst reproaches of couples we have the following: • You never see the details This is one of the typical reproaches that they make us when we do not realize some detail that is undoubtedly extremely important for the other person, such as For example, the anniversary, or their new haircut, could also be their painted nails, in short, details that are worth a lot to him or her, but nevertheless, we do not see it that way.

• You always want to be right There are people who think they know everything and do not tolerate their partner giving them some suggestions or criticism. The struggle to always want to be right is another of the most frequent reasons for reproaches, apart from being the beginning of aggression. Never giving in and never giving in is a form of behavior that, apart from being immature, generates a lot of discomfort in the relationship. Learn to accept your mistakes and be humble. • You never listen to me Another of the most famous reproaches among couples is the one that appears when the person to whom you have told something completely forgets, you even feel like the most ignored person in the world. It happens on many occasions that when you forget some information that was told to you months ago and whoever told you really believes that it is important,

• We always do what you like It’s as if we were forced to do things, everyone in the relationship has the power to decide what we like and what we don’t. If something is not to the liking of one of the parties, then it is simply not done. Sometimes we tend to resort to this type of reproach when one of the two agrees to do something that the other proposes but that situation never occurs the other way around. You must keep in mind that they are a team and the opinion of both is equally important. • You never do your part This is a reproach that is commonly used to express a feeling of injustice. This happens when we consider that in the couple relationship we have sacrificed more than the other person, because that is where we use reproach to demand the same effort from our partner or at least compensation, that is, payment of that debt. As we mentioned, a couple is a team and both must push the cart with the same effort.

• You only think of yourself Treating your partner as selfish is very common in relationships to disapprove of something. This reproach is normally used when we feel that we were not taken into account in some decisions and since it did not suit us or it did not seem to us that what was decided was not done, we immediately use the reproach as a defense mechanism.

• This relationship does not interest you Sometimes we tend to downplay some things that happen in the relationship, simply to avoid creating or prolonging a problem, but in that case you may be making a mistake. In a relationship there are issues that cannot be ignored and if you avoid it, you imply that the relationship does not matter much to you.

It does not mean that in a relationship you should always keep quiet or there should be no disagreements, just looking at these examples you will realize that many times insignificant fights arise, that is why it is important not to always reproach your partner. Listening to the other person, understanding and supporting them will make your relationship much stronger.

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