Girls have a reputation for being very curious, but if they think that men do not have the same curiosity to ask girls questions that interest them, they are very wrong. And, it is very normal that when we like someone we want to know everything about him or her, about what they think or feel.

Although we know that it is very difficult to get to know someone thoroughly, and much more so if it is a woman, there are questions that we know that men are dying to ask us . They need to know and here we are going to try to give some brief answers to those questions that they question:

1. How to make a woman fall in love?

It seems like an easy question to answer. It is not the typical one that a boy would do, but those who do it are already showing us a kind of sensitive person. They, by asking themselves this question, show that they also face the same fears and insecurities as girls and, as is evident, they also want, as much as they do, to make a woman fall in love.

They are especially attracted to guys who feel confident in themselves, who stand out from the rest, but not arrogant and careful not to be too sensitive, that can end up cloying. You have to know your girl to know when you can behave in a rough way and when to do it in a delicate way. In general, they are seduced by a guy who is self-confident and positive.

2. Why don’t girls pay attention to me?

This is a great question that hardly anyone can answer a man. There is no way to find unanimous criteria to know why girls, in general, are not interested in a boy. Perhaps it happens that the boy is being very boring or that the girl in question is interested in another.

We could respond with a thousand more answers. To get attention you can find out what the girl’s interests are. This, today is something very easy to achieve, you can find out a lot, for example, by looking at the profile on Facebook. In any case, you have to avoid being who you are not and if there is no answer, it is better to forget about it.

3. How many orgasms can a woman have?

This great question has a great answer: all women are multi-orgasmic. Some don’t know and some men don’t either. What it is about is playing and finding out how far you can go.

They do not need a break between one orgasm and the next, therefore, if the passion does not wane, the two will be able to verify that the woman has a great capacity to enjoy the intimate act. The stimulation that they achieve between the two and good communication and trust are fundamental for the woman to be able to achieve it.

4. How to know if a girl wants to have sex?

To answer this question the boy will have to pay attention to how many signals the girl sends him. Body language can be of great help, since we always express ourselves: with our eyes, with our hands, with our legs, with the swing of our torso, etc.

Unfortunately we do not have an answer for everyone, since each woman lives in her own world and each one’s watch is different from the others. But, one thing that can tell you that a girl enjoys the company of a man is when she laughs openly and looks happy. All girls like to be told nice things and feel like the center of the world.

5. How to tell a woman that I like her?

What a girl today appreciates most in a boy is his decision, his drive, so the best thing would be: tell him. Before, there was a whole language for courtship and women were courted with the best details, until they were able to surprise the girl and win her affection when they declared her intentions.

We know that these times are not going to return, but girls still like nice words and they like to hear them in person, face to face and not in a voice message or in a WhatsApp note.

6. What to do if my girl is pregnant?

Here you must prepare to be parents together, whether you are ready or not, life is a school and we never stop learning, we do not suggest you get married or promise eternal love, there is only one thing you can do: take charge and help your girl and be a father from the first moment.

7. What to do if I know my wife or girlfriend is cheating on me?

When a girl is unfaithful, she sure has a weight on her that doesn’t let her live. The best thing is to let her know that you know about her and, if you still love her, that you help her take the weight off her.

We can’t guarantee that your mercy can help you get her back, because girls rarely can or have the ability to love two guys at the same time.

The girl may be confused or she may have slipped up, so it is best to talk and approach it in a mature way.

8. How to make a woman aroused?

Women and men have brains that work very differently. Men are excited by images much more easily than women, they are very visual and can, for example, find arousal by seeing their girl, while women may not be so excited by seeing their boyfriend’s naked body.

Sexual arousal in women is not something that enters their eyes. The girls the excitement enters through the ear, they love to feel wanted. A boy has to know how to say loving words to his girl so that she feels unique at that moment.

9. How many men have you slept with before me?

This is the question that sooner or later every man asks his girl. It is a curiosity that very few men can resist, although the answer may not be so funny.

Sometimes it’s better not to ask, especially if you don’t want to go for a fight and get hurt, at least psychologically.

10. Why do women prefer older men?

Youth is a divine treasure, but maturity and experience are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat women know how to appreciate. Women feel safer with an older man, especially it happens to girls who have their father as a male reference.

Many young girls find in a man more knowledge, experience, protection, stability, security and maturity. They look for beauty, freshness, fun and passion, and often find intelligence and a good heart.

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