For a long time sexual fantasies were considered a taboo subject or even talking about them was something shameful, today we are clear that having fantasies does not necessarily mean that we should carry them out, they are simply a way to turn on and increase desire sexual. . The reason for accepting them without denying is that, in addition to participating in our psychic balance (thanks to not denying ourselves what excites us), they feed desire, intensify pleasure, enrich our sexual life and are the engine of a more open sexuality. and developed.

Of course, not everyone will be attracted to the same things or will have the same fantasies, these are the most common but they do not necessarily have to be exciting for the reader.

Domination and submission, a very recurring fantasy

A fantasy of the most common is the one where one of the parties of the couple submits to the other. In this way, an owner-slave or dominant-submissive connection is established that many people find profoundly arousing. Literary sagas such as Fifty Shades of Gray have contributed to the rise of BDSM throughout the world, a trend that is becoming more and more established in the sexual lives of millions of people. Do you dare to try it?

She Dominant

Yes, it is said that women like a strong man who can carry them and do all the crazy things in the world. But from time to time,  they also like to feel on top of the world . So there is this fantasy here.

What is sought is to have a leading role in bed, something that makes the woman feel like she is the most important thing there. And domination, to any extent, gives it that prominence. Be careful, this does not mean that at any time you have to appear in her bed with a whip.


Something that enchants and embarrasses at the same time. Exhibitionism is one of the most common fantasies of women. Of course, most of it will be aimed at her partner, to excite him and prepare him for a long sex session at home. She can also be addressed to a stranger, for the sake of having a little fun and seeing the reaction

Of course, some prefer to take the next step, but not everyone can be included in that bag.


Voyeurism, or the behavior of enjoying spying on another person while they are having sex. This practice has developed a lot today with the availability of pornography on the Internet.


have sex with an ex

This fantasy is more common in those who still have some feeling for that couple who ended the relationship. The idea that she meets him unexpectedly, and that they start caressing to revive a passionate romance, crosses his mind from time to time.

With a stranger

Some people find the adventure of being intimate with someone they met by chance in life very exciting. Another factor is the absence of emotional responsibilities, which even women come to feel. A strange man can be mysterious and arouse emotions and impulses that would not be normal.

Simply let yourself be carried away by pleasure without problems, without fights.


Threesome (two girls)

Although it is the quintessential fantasy of every man, women have also considered it. And whoever says no, lies. Many women, and yes, also heterosexuals, have been curious to have a face to face with another woman, but it’s not just that.


There is also the curiosity of turning on your partner, but there for the thing. If this is not fulfilled, it is because despite being something exciting for them, the spark goes out when she sees the other woman touching you. No, they don’t like that so much anymore, and that’s why they deny this option. What they like the most is that you turn on, be a voyeur, and then you finish her session with her alone. But if she has a hard time sharing, imagine sharing her partner.

threesome (two guys)

Yes, it is the perfect world, where she feels desired by everyone else, especially by two men .  Two big men like hers, handsome, strong, and with a lot of potential to show.


At the end of the day you have to remember that, as long as you are not harming anyone, no sexual fantasy is bad. Discover yours and your partner’s and fill your nights with pleasure by fulfilling each one of them!

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