Being married doesn’t always mean living a fairy tale and Leanne Champ, a 28-year-old woman, lived that. At the age of 21, she decided to marry whom she believed to be the love of her life. However, she was very surprised when she found out that he had been unfaithful to her. Leanne had recognized that she had an unhappy life, since her marriage was not what She was waiting. That’s why she decided to say enough when she found out that her partner was cheating on her with another, and to leave behind a past full of fast foods that had made her gain weight and put her health at risk. She was like that in two years she managed to lose 77 kilos, after giving up unhealthy foods. “When I was 21 years old, I got married and due to family commitments I had to leave part-time employment to start working full time. During this stressful period in my life I turned to comfort eating as a coping mechanism. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he knew the weight was piling up. I had an extremely unhealthy diet that consisted of working and going to McDonalds every day and exercise was kept to a minimum,” she said.

“The next time I stepped on the scales, at the age of 24, I weighed 127kg, the heaviest I had ever been, and I knew things had to change. I left my unhealthy and unhappy marriage, one in which my husband was having an affair and I decided that I needed to focus on my own happiness for a change”, she recounted this brave woman. Seeing herself in the mirror and noticing the drastic transformation, she decided it was time to make an even more transcendental one for her physical and emotional health. It took Leanne 18 months to lose half her weight. She though acknowledges that she wasn’t always faithful to healthy eating as she sometimes ate sweets to relieve pressure. She was not only looking to change physically but also emotionally due to the trauma caused by her partner’s infidelity.

To that end, he followed several celebrities on networks to be inspired by the process.

“I wanted to reach my goal, to have an image in my mind of what I wanted and how I wanted to see myself, mentally it helped me to concentrate so I could start. At that time I followed many celebrities online and found their selfies very inspiring. When they published how they managed to change their bodies and what they did, she thought: ‘if they can, I can’. The woman opted for the protein-based diet, known as the “Slender Blend”. Additionally, he followed an exercise and swimming routine.

I had read a lot about how bad junk diets and easy weight loss methods were, and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I knew that to lose weight I had to do it in a healthy way, so sometimes I gave in to temptation and that helped me take the enormous pressure off me.

I wanted to change my physical appearance, but what I needed most was to change the way I felt about myself, since I had had a couple of very difficult years.

And his effort led him to excellent results. After 18 months working on his body, one day he realized that he had finally reached the goal that he longed for.

“I decided not to keep an eye on the scale, since I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I realized that I was doing well every time I changed my size, how I looked in the mirror and how I felt.” Now Leanne, 28 years old, has lost 77 kilos and has a different, healthy life and above all she feels better and sure of herself.

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