As for couple relationships, it can be said that they are sometimes a box of surprises. What until a while ago seemed almost perfect, the way your boy treated you was the envy of your friends from one moment to another changes, from being the most attentive man in the world, he became distant, he does not look at you from the In the same way, that complicity they had has been lost, but nevertheless he still does not say anything about his reasons. What has happened?

They say that men are complicated and unpredictable, he may simply be with other things on his mind and have had carelessness just because he was distracted, but it is inevitable that his behavior generates doubts about what is happening; however, it is very easy to identify when a guy is no longer in love. Here we leave you a list with some signs to discover if it is simply a lack of attention or if he has lost interest in you, checking it is simple, you just have to pay attention to his attitude and that’s it.

1.- He does not call you, he does not write to you and he does not answer you: The loving messages disappeared, no more good morning messages, his conversations are limited to answering what you ask, or he takes hours to answer you because he does it when he “has time left ”, you are the one who should call him if you want to know how he is because the truth is that he doesn’t even send you a message.

2- The details are over: We know that at the beginning of the relationship the interest in surprising you makes him have a lot of attention with you, over time they decrease a little because of the busyness of life but when there is no longer any type of detail it is a sign. He is not interested in remembering special dates, making you a call at an unusual time, not even a text message, if all those expressions of affection became just a distant memory, it is because he is not interested in you and does not care about making you feel appreciated.

3- He is no longer interested in spending time with you: If you suddenly realize that you are spending time doing things alone or with other people because he no longer has time to be with you, before he was looking for any excuse to be with you, go to the movies, to dinner or for the dog’s food, but now he is busy, he has things to do, he feels bad or tired, he makes plans where you are not included, or he always cancels at the last minute and makes weird excuses are clear signs that He no longer wants to spend time with you.

4- Before you seemed perfect to him and now things start to bother him that he didn’t before: During the crush he saw you as perfect, ideal and not even the small flaws of your character that you had bothered him so much, everything you did seemed funny, interesting and suddenly Everything bothers him, certain attitudes of yours completely drive him out of his boxes, it means that he is tolerating you less and less and therefore that infatuation is vanishing.

5- Before, he was waiting for you and now he doesn’t even know what you’re up to:

You used to worry about how things were going at work, what you ate, even your friends’ problems, if you were happy or sad, and suddenly… nothing, he even seems annoyed when you tell him your things. He no longer cares about your life, or what you do.

6- When they are together he seems bored and does not pay attention to you: before he liked everything about you, your voice, your gestures, your physique, your personality, the way he looked at you was like astonishment all the time, but now his face when they are together he expresses boredom, his discomfort when he is with you is reflected in your face.

7- He does not have physical expressions of affection towards you: He avoids physical contact at all costs, he does not approach you or give you a kiss, he does not touch you for a hug or to hold your hand, not only does he avoid it, but he He also rejects when you do it, you respond with a snub or with indifference and he doesn’t even want to have sex with you.

8- The fights became the daily bread: The most absurd fights took over their relationship, any topic is cause for discussion even when there was no reason he looks for something to get angry, you start to analyze the discussions and you realize that don’t make any sense. The jokes, conversations and gestures of affection are in the past, now they argue about anything and it ends up making you feel bad. All those bad times TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GOOD MOMENTS

9- You knew everything about him, he even consulted you about your clothes and now…: Before you waited for him to come so he could tell you his things, tell you his plans, ask your opinion about certain things and now nothing, he just answers you just enough. Being with you he behaves indifferent. There are even times that he doesn’t even want to see you

10- He notices other women, begins to look at and praise other women in a treacherous way, almost disrespecting you. That means you are no longer his everything. It is a sign that what he wants is to get out of the relationship he has with you NOW.

When we bet on a couple relationship, we have the illusion that it will be a story like in fairy tales and it will be forever. We find it impossible to believe that one day everything can end and that your boy’s desire to be with you will fade and become evasive.

We hope this list will help you determine if you are in this situation so that you can get out before you are hurt.

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