Women have a series of qualities and attributes that dazzle any man. If you think that looking spectacularly well-groomed and elegant is a total guarantee of conquering them, you are wrong. Men in particular look at other details deeper than your external beauty, that does not mean that they do not love to see them elegantly dressed for some special occasion. But when you ask them what most attracts a woman’s attention, you will be surprised with her answers.

According to research conducted by some therapists, psychologists and marriage counselors, it has been revealed that the least suspected aspects attract them greatly from a woman.

Do you want to know what men love about a woman?

Here we leave you a list. Check with your circle of friends or your partner if they agree with any of them.

1- Your smile.

Believe it or not, a woman’s smile is the most beautiful thing there is, it is one of the first things that attract a man to a woman. Seeing a girl he likes and she smiles at him is an indescribable feeling.

Your sensuality is reflected on your lips. Although most of the time men don’t talk much about these topics, they love it. A natural smile is a very powerful weapon of seduction to conquer the man you like.

2- Natural breasts.

According to therapists: natural breasts, even if they are small, are better seen by men, as fresh, in good health. Men look for youth and vitality in them and it gives them a clue that they can raise a child.

3- That you like children.

If you like to play with children and you like small babies, this melts the heart of even the toughest of men. Since you awaken their fatherly spirit and they are certain that you will be a good mother.

4- Simple but elegant.

It is not necessary to spend hours and hours in the beauty salon, or wear a very elegant hairstyle and dress. The man you date will only look at those details for seven seconds. That is why it is better to opt for a simple outfit, a slightly pronounced and provocative neckline will suffice. At the time of an appointment it will highlight your simplicity and education. Nothing more elegant than a nice and educated woman. That fascinates them.

5- The curves.

If you have a few extra pounds, don’t despair because most men like women with pronounced curves and voluptuous buttocks. So if you have a little bit of volume in your body you don’t have to worry too much. Science says that for men, the taste for wide hips is a primitive and unconscious desire. It is also said that Europeans prefer thin women, while Latin men are attracted to curvy women. As the saying goes, “for tastes and flavors, colors were made”

6- Stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a reminder of the children you have together and the commitment you have to them. “It is also an intimate detail that only he can see.” It’s like a love pact between the two, don’t hide them or be ashamed of them.

7- That you call him when you’re out for drinks.

Men love that you remember him and show him your feelings, they are very attracted to him, and even more so if you call them at inappropriate hours and under the influence of alcohol. They think they bring you dead.

8- That you are unpredictable.

Just like women, men like surprises. If you want to win points you have to be spontaneous and witty. Predictable girls tend to be a bit boring. So take the initiative, invite him to dinner or dance, do not let them always do everything this way they will always be pending, waiting impatiently for you and your occurrences. Determined women are more fun and attractive.

9- Happiness attracts.

According to research at the US National Institute of Health, they claim that a happy woman causes emotion in men, making them see them as more attractive. Moreover, a smile from them can generate intense changes in the male gender.

10- That you be natural.

If what you want is to conquer them, forget about heavy makeup and spending hours and hours in front of the mirror. Men love the most natural women, without so many adornments. If you are embarrassed to be seen with your face washed, don’t feel it anymore. Wrinkles for women is synonymous with old age, for men it is maturity and experience. Wear your wrinkles proudly. Don’t worry if you have uncolored hair and some gray hair appears, they like natural hair.

11- Being a little difficult.

When a woman makes herself valued and she is not an easy girl, that attracts men impressively and they value her a lot. If a woman is different and makes herself respected and does not give in to the first, she is a worthwhile woman.

That push and pull, they love it because they find you more interesting and it shows that you know how to play the game of seduction, but be careful not to exaggerate, since you can make them move away completely.

12-An irresistible perfume.

If what you want is to have the attention of all men, you can only achieve it with an irresistible fragrance. Nothing more attractive than a perfumed woman. And men love it, they feel like the owners of the world when he is accompanied by a woman like that and the rest of the men turn to look at her more than anything that was because of her irresistible aroma. She is an infallible weapon of seduction.

These simple things are what men prefer and love about women. So you do not need to make an effort and pretend to be something you are not, show yourself naturally as you are. They will thank you.

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