When you suspect or when you discover that your partner has cheated on you, lots of questions come to your mind like: ‘why?’, ‘what did I do wrong?’, ‘does he not love me anymore?’, ‘should I forgive him?’, ‘what should I do?’.

Infidelity is a sentimental deception for which many couples decide to end their relationship, while others decide to forgive and move on. If you have discovered it, you should have enough evidence to face it and act like a smart woman.

First of all, you need to calm down. It is obvious that, when discovering infidelity, courage and rage will invade your being, but facing your partner full of adrenaline is one of the worst mistakes you can make, it is not worth it because your ideas are not clear and I could say things you don’t want and making decisions that won’t turn out right. It is recommended that you allow a few days to settle your mind, to analyze things clearly and make the most sensible decision you can. You might think the apology is cheating or insincere, but you must allow it to be expressed in order to work on what follows.

Another important point to consider is whether the infidelity was sexual or sentimental. A sexual slip is synonymous with adventure where feelings are not involved. But emotional infidelity is one in which the sexual factor is in the background, because there is a spiritual connection between the two. In this sense there are differences between men and women, studied by researchers Miller and Baker: men left their partners if they had been victims of sexual and non-emotional infidelity; On the other hand, women felt more hurt when they were victims of emotional and non-sexual infidelity. When a couple has decided to continue with their relationship even with infidelity, you must keep in mind that you have to forgive without remorse, so that the situation does not become a generator of problems in the future.

The most important thing is that, if you are an intelligent woman, you must know how to confront your partner and get out of this situation with dignity, because infidelity destroys trust and makes emotions mostly negative. As much as the betrayal of your partner hurts, you must do everything possible to maintain your composure and act with dignity. Always remember that if he decided to betray the trust between the two of you, it’s his problem, not yours. An intelligent woman confronts infidelity in the following way:

– Don’t blame the other woman. She is not guilty of anything, because the one who made the decision to be with her was your partner. Remember that no one takes anyone away from you, your partner is an adult who knows what they are doing and feeling anger and resentment for someone you don’t even know only fills you with more pain and negative energy. – Do not investigate the details. Sometimes morbidity is stronger than good sense and you probably want to know when, how and where the deception was, this in an effort to understand the reason for the infidelity, but this only affects you because you do not stop torturing yourself with something that has no use. Focus on your well-being. – Do not make it public. Of course you can talk about it with people who are close to you and who you fully trust, because you will need support and it is not healthy to expose your situation to everyone. Forget about posting it on social networks or complaining in front of third parties who have nothing to do with it. Your private life is something very personal that you must take care of and respect. – Revenge will not make you feel better. When a woman suffers an infidelity, the first thing she thinks of is taking revenge on those who have humiliated her, her partner, her lover and all those who already knew or even helped make the encounter happen. Revenge only harms yourself and is a way to channel your emotions and your anguish. Harming those who harmed you won’t make you feel better. – Think carefully if you want to forgive infidelity. Any decision you make you must be sure that it will be final. If both have talked, discussed and decided to forgive the slip and move on, of course they could do it, it’s their life, It is your relationship and you decide if it is worth continuing. With that freedom, they must be sure that the forgiveness is true and from the heart, because they are really convinced that it is the right decision, that it is in accordance with their values. – Do not be afraid to make the decision that you consider appropriate, but do not stay in the relationship for fear of loneliness, or thinking that you will not be able to get ahead on your own, or using your children as an excuse if you have them. If you decide to forgive him, you must be honest with yourself and be willing to turn the page, not to bring up the subject every time there are difficulties or to use the subject as emotional blackmail, or to live all day with distrust and fear. If you are going to forgive him, do it because you are convinced that the subject will not hurt you again, but if, on the contrary,

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