It is true that during the stage of pregnancy, the sexual life of the couple can present certain variants. It is not strange that the woman in that stage and also in the postpartum stage does not want to have intercourse. The reasons are diverse: she may have discomfort, fear, she perceives little vaginal lubrication, or feels fatigue. Except for these reasons you can have sex safely.

There is a myth, where they said that having sex during pregnancy was not the most recommended, because the baby ran the risk of being damaged. Today that has remained in the past, since it is known by the vast majority that sex at this stage can be done in a normal way, except for some medical indication.

Although a person can make love in a normal way with their partner, when doing so, variations can occur, due to the symptoms that are manifested in the body of the pregnant woman. But do not be alarmed, here we will show you how to do it properly during the term.


First term

It is normal that in the first trimester women do not feel so much desire to have sexual relations. This can happen for several reasons, it is common for it to be something overwhelming for them in the first months. Added to this situation are problems that occur from the beginning, such as tiredness, nausea or because they cannot see that sex and pregnancy are concepts that can be united. At least on this last point, many women fear that having sex could end up harming the pregnancy.

On the other hand, when the gestation stage begins, the pelvic organs are better irrigated, which allows the woman to feel a greater desire to have sexual intercourse, even reaching orgasm more quickly. Once the pregnancy has been confirmed, couples can feel more relaxed and the gestation stage would thus be a moment of intense pleasure.

second quarter

The second trimester starts from the 16th week, approximately until the 30th week of pregnancy. This is usually the stage in which women enjoy sex the most, because when the pregnancy is consolidated, it can be said that fear is replaced by imagination and pleasure. Future moms feel much better, as their bodies get used to the change they are experiencing.

As for the parents, they are also aware that there is someone else apart from the couple. Sometimes there is even a feeling that they go into the background, since the main concern is not to harm the baby by the mother. This can happen because at this stage, the baby’s movements begin to be felt, which causes some mothers to think that making love can negatively affect the baby.

This medical data can help you better understand how things are:

The woman’s orgasm occurs in the area of ​​the uterus, and for a short time the placenta provides less blood to the baby. This, in turn, serves as a practice for the child’s blood circulation, which means that the fetus could not be harmed in any way. On the other hand, there is the amniotic fluid, which is responsible for protecting the little one, along with the wall of the uterus. And the mucous plug closes the entrance to the cervix, which prevents semen from reaching that place.

Third quarter

At this stage, the couple is already finding it difficult to find a position due to their physical condition. The belly already acquires a considerable size, also the woman can begin to feel heavier and even tired, the baby moves with more and more force, in short, situations that force the couple to find a position where both are comfortable.

For example, the missionary position can be somewhat complicated, as well as annoying for women, even more so if the man has a somewhat enlarged belly. The best positions are those in which the belly does not have contact with the man, for example with the woman on top of her partner or with her back to hers, lying down or on all fours. In this case, the penetration can be deep, which should be done with care.

Having bodily contact during pregnancy is very important. This does not mean having sex continuously, but stroking, rubbing, massaging, etc.


There are situations that can force you to give up sex during pregnancy, what are they?

When the opening of the uterus opens before the expected time. This does not directly imply a risk, but infections can occur during intercourse that damage the amniotic sac, thus allowing an abortion or premature delivery.

  • Just when there is any chance of miscarriage or premature delivery.
  • If there are blood or stains that are not common.
  • If you have contractions before their time.
  • If any problem with the placenta has been detected.
  • In case of risk of premature birth, if we talk about multiple pregnancies.
  • If the couple suffers from heart disease, asthma or diabetes.
  • If one of the two has an infection in the genitals.
  • If there is a premature rupture of the bag.

Whatever the case, it is important to first receive the authorization of a medical professional to proceed to have or not have sexual relations with the partner. Although they are stages in which you can still have relationships, you have to be careful when experiencing that. Here you have seen the reasons why you can do it and not do it, so take it with due responsibility and enjoy!


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