The famous movie that has lasted for decades called “Selena” that tells the story of a singer who was murdered has been talked about all this time. More than anything because of her great songs that she left for history. Today we will see how the supporting actors who participated in this movie currently look.

Selena’s biographical film came out in 1997, and deals with the life of the Queen of Tex-Mex, her origins, growth in the music industry, her intense romance with the guitarist of the band Los Dinos and the heartbreaking moment in which his assistant Yolanda Saldivar takes his life.

The film was produced with the participation of Selena’s family and launched several of the cast members to fame, including Jennifer Lopez, who had to learn to speak Spanish in order to have the role. However, the choice of this “new actress” with Puerto Rican roots caused a lot of controversy. Here we leave you a small summary of what has happened with each of the cast participants.

1. Jennifer Lopez – Selena Quintanilla Perez.

This woman has reached the top of the top in the entertainment industry, and among the highlights are her facets as an actress, singer, fashion designer, composer, choreographer and others. She is currently working on the production of the series based on the classic Bye Bye Bridie Live! to air on NBC.

2. Jackie Guerra – Suzette Quintanilla.
The woman who played Selena’s older sister continued her career and participated in the comedy First Time Out. She co-starred on the PBS series American Family and has landed some significant roles in movies like Woody Allen’s Picking Up The Pieces.

3. Constance Marie – Marcela Quintanilla.
She became popular for her work on Selena, and currently plays Regina Vazquez on the ABC drama Family. She also participated in the series George Lopez and had a part in the comedy American Family.

4. Jon Silk – Chris Perez.
He is known for his work on the series Homicide: Life on the Street, in which he plays Detective Paul Falsone and currently stars in the series Chicago PD as Detective Antonio Dawson.

5. Edward James Olmos-Abraham Quintanilla.
This famous American actor played the role of William Adama, commander of the fleet in the reimagined version of the television series Battlestar Galactica. In addition, he is known for his work with the Hispanic-American community. He is currently the director of Latino Public Broadcasting, which focuses on making programs for public television that deal with that community.

6. Jacob Vargas-Abie Quintanilla.
The Mexican actor who played Selena’s younger brother has more than 90 movies to his credit, among the most recent are 2016’s The Road Home and 2017’s Electric Dreams.

7. Rebecca Lee Meza – Selena as a child.
The career of the young actress who played Selena when she was still a little girl – she was then nine years old – never got far. After the movie, she participated in an album of children’s songs called Vive tu sueno. Unfortunately, after being on the tape Rebecca suffered bullying and she was never able to take off her career as a singer. She now owns a boutique called Rebecca Lee’s Flowers and Bridal Boutique in Texas.

8. Lupe Ontiveros – Yolanda Saldivar.
The actress played the murderer of the singer in the film. She worked on many movies including As good as it gets and Chuck & Buck; She has also appeared on television, including Greetings from Tuscan, The Americans, Rob and Desperate Housewives. Unfortunately, the actress passed away in 2012, a victim of liver cancer.

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