As time goes by, we become closer to our partner, as we already establish ourselves in the relationship, we know of the availability of another and it is as if that makes the spark begin to go out. In other cases, it happens that as women we tend to fall in love faster, we get excited more easily, and we end up scaring the boy away for being very aware of him, so you must act more intelligently if you want to get him to be aware of you and look for you.

If your question is: how to make them miss you and look for you, you want to know how to act to awaken or rekindle interest in you, and you feel the need to see him and you don’t want to be the one who takes the first step, we leave you some tricks that you can put into practice in an intelligent and elegant way to make him miss you.

First of all, never cry or ask him to call you, or ask him for attention explicitly, there are several much more elegant ways to make him miss you and look for you. Sometimes it is us who are so much in love that we really want to be with the other person all the time but we must act cunningly so that he is the one who misses us and awakens his need to see you and be with you.

There is a secret divided into 5 actions, which contain seduction, mystery, intelligence and maturity. The easier it is to contact you, the more likely it will be to stop trying to conquer you, based on this scoop you should do the following:

Don’t always be available: When we like someone, we usually jump at the opportunity to answer their messages or take their phone calls, let alone accept an invitation to go out. If you want to get their attention you must be interesting.

When he calls you, do not answer right away, if he writes to you, do not answer instantly, even if you are online, because that creates a halo of mystery that you are with other things. You can even not answer the call and return it in a few minutes apologizing that you could not answer it because you were busy

After receiving a whatsapp message, wait approximately 5 to 10 minutes before answering so that it generates a question in your head and begins to think about what you could be doing without it.

Do not accept improvised exits: A common mistake is to always accept all the exits at once and without thinking about it, you should not show yourself as we said 100% available as if you did nothing. So not accepting impromptu outings shows that you also have other important things to do. Show him that you are in control of your time. Do not accept being a plan B. If he wants to go out with you, you will have to notify him in advance. Calling you at the last minute and asking you out is an indirect way of telling you that he doesn’t care about your time enough to ask if you’re available. Show him that your time is as valuable as his and that will make him stop seeing you as a loser because you reflect that with that attitude. Show yourself from the beginning that you are a person who values ​​your own dignity, so much so that you do not allow yourself to waste time

This trick works really well to get him to miss you.

Be yourself: it is useless to pretend to be someone you are not, because sooner or later you will not stand that situation, do not accept all their tastes just to please them, nobody likes an obsequious person. If there is something that seduces and a lot to a man it is the genuine thing, to show himself a transparent person. Grace is in the difference. You will not be surprised if he knows that you say yes to everything and that discourages him. Use the surprise factor: there is nothing more boring than a predictable person. It is like an automatic pilot where he already knows how you will react or what you will do, so he is no longer interested in discovering you.

Surprise him with some unexpected attitude. Surprising him increases his curiosity and makes him wonder if you will do something interesting for him. This tip gives good results especially when your boy appears to be cold, you could end up being the one surprised since he usually brings out the most romantic part of them. Be careful what you post on social networks: Try to limit what you post so that they don’t know everything you do. If you are a completely open book, there will be nothing you can do to make him wonder what you are doing and have to pick up his phone and call you to ask. Instead, you can throw in the odd interesting story that doesn’t give away much. This will leave your guy wanting to find out more about you.

The best way to activate or rekindle the flame is to make him miss you and remember what made him fall in love with you. Remembering good times creates nostalgia for what it was like when the relationship was idyllic. Create some intrigue, slip in niceties, control communication, and act cunningly to make your guy miss you and yearn to be with you.

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