In recent research, the University of Virginia set out to study the health effects of a cold shower.

The result was surprising: contact with cold water has multiple benefits: it activates the nervous system, increases the level of norepinephrine in the brain, which is a stimulating substance, (which helps maintain a state of motivation and alertness) and It works as an antidepressant product of “small electroshocks” that occur in the cells.

It is known that high temperatures affect the amount of sperm, as well as its quality. In men, avoiding exposure to very hot baths or showers can prevent a drop in sperm production.

People with heart conditions should consult a doctor before taking cold showers or doing such a regimen. The increase in the circulation of the internal organs could cause some alterations or affect the circulatory system if it has problems or is sick. This precaution should also be taken into account by people with fever and pregnant women.

However, most people resort to hot baths or showers, usually in winter. That way you don’t have these benefits, and moreover, more water is usually used, because warm or hot baths tend to be longer. That’s why journalist Patrick Huguenin challenged himself to shower in ice water for a week and then recount his experience in Men’s Health magazine. The journalist explained that not only did his studies at the University of Virginia motivate him to try it, but also an old premise from his grandfather: he maintained that cold showers created an “icy armor” that prevented seasonal illnesses.

In some regions of the world that is a deeply rooted cultural belief. In Russia, for example, there is a tradition to dive into a hole in frozen lakes on the coldest day of the year, to protect yourself from diseases throughout the winter.

These were the results of his exercise:

Cold showers in the morning helped him be more active: “I didn’t realize how efficient everything was until I found myself dressed and having a coffee just 20 minutes after getting out of bed. Afterwards, given enough time, I ate a good breakfast and read the news.” I improve the condition and appearance of his skin, since, while hot water dries out and damages the dermis, cold water improves it.

Post-workout showers helped Huguenin stop post-exercise sweating and feel fresh again faster.

His concentration improved, contrary to what he thought would happen. “I didn’t lose my shower thoughts and the coffee thoughts were much more productive. Even the ones I had while shaving or at any other moment of reflection.”

Huguenin’s conclusions were that the experience was worthwhile, and he stated his intention to continue taking cold showers now that the experiment is over.

Regarding the difficulty of tolerating the initial shock of the cold water, the journalist explained that, although the first 30 seconds are hard, then you get used to it and the shower becomes pleasant. In addition, he explained that, although he did not feel that the experience was unpleasant at all, he also did not feel the need to spend more time in the water, as it happens with the “trapping” hot showers. That way, he wasted less time a day in the shower, and also fewer liters of water.

After all these arguments and with our own experience, because all human beings have taken at least one cold shower throughout our lives, we can say that bathing in ice water is something that terrifies many of us, but in truth The benefits we receive when we take that renewing bath are felt and noticed, but we cannot deny that while we get used to this situation, this constitutes a real sacrifice for any mortal, especially if the shower is immediately after getting up from our bed. comfortable and warm bed, from which we do not want to leave and if we know that we are not going to bathe with ice water, much less. Now that you have all this information, would you be willing to take cold showers every day?

Although many people are reliable testimonies of this good custom, for others it sounds like total madness because the climatic conditions of their country do not allow it and experience has taught them that whoever submits to certain types of things can end up sick and even in danger. of death for something as basic as taking a shower, that’s why when the climatic conditions are not the most optimal, this type of shower must be given with all the necessary precautions, so that there is no place for all kinds of diseases. From now on whenever you can take a shower with cold water.

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