All women like to take control during the sexual act and sitting with property on top of our partner is a classic and natural movement that helps us demonstrate that power, which we all have during the sexual act. We also want to let ourselves be carried away by the movements of our body, that these mark the evening, we want to drive ourselves crazy and drive our partner crazy. Also, in this position, physically it is much easier for you to climax, because you have everything under control, everything is as you decide it to be.

Most men love to see how your body dominates theirs. For men, the fact that on some occasions, we are the ones who take control and can command during the sexual act is exciting. Since what is customary at the social level is that men take the initiative and women are more passive. So the change of roles is very entertaining for a day of sexual act.

If it is that until now, you have only tried to sit on it and move your hips, we tell you that next we will talk about more ideas that you can try and what to do, since it is a position where the whole body is visible. What is also frequent are certain mishaps, such as: It is usual that due to sweat, your hair stays stuck to your face and your legs fall asleep. Later we will advise you regarding these and other things that can go wrong.

It is ideal that you can reach ecstasy without the need for any setback to happen to you, right? With this goal in mind, we are going to give you some tips and advice on the correct way to do this. For the record, they are only proposals, they are not absolute advice, you have the last word regarding what works in your relationship and what does not.

First of all, let’s talk about the way we sit on top of our partner. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn complicated names. Rather, you should try to be as comfortable and calm as possible. Regarding how to sit, do it in the way that comes most naturally to you, since it is most likely that you will spend a lot of time like this. Regardless of whether you are facing him or facing away from him, try to find a position that you know you can stay in for a long time.

When you start to get tired, an alternative is to put your arms across his chest, so that the weight of your body falls on your hands and legs, instead of just your legs. Another thing you can do is take his hands and put them on your hips, so he can lift you up for a while and you can rest.

As for hair, we know that with movement and sweat, it can bother you by covering your face, so if you want to avoid having a bunch of hair, every time you bend down to kiss it, the best thing is that you can tie hair

Among other things, hair can also get into your mouth and nobody wants to kiss with a mouth full of hair. This can extinguish any burning flame and the worst thing is that it will be distracting you from the sexual act, when the opposite is ideal, that you can fully enjoy the entire experience. So just avoid it and tie your hair up.

In order not to change the rhythm of the position and to avoid getting tired so soon, it is good that you do not go too fast. In order for both to reach orgasm, the secret is that both can synchronize their movements. For this, the most advisable thing is that you move slowly and then, little by little, begin to increase the rhythm, otherwise, it may be that your partner loses the rhythm and that is not convenient for you. There are men who like to have an oscillation in the rhythm, that is, to gradually go from a fast rhythm to a slower one and vice versa.

At the same time, it is ideal that you can touch his body and let him touch you. An interesting variant is that men love to touch their bodies, especially their breasts, it is something that greatly increases their libido. It is important that you occasionally approach him to kiss him. And if you want him to have a better view of your body, you can lean back and put your hands on an area you want to highlight, for example the legs, breasts or hips.

As for the movement of the hips, for each man it is different, so only you know what your partner likes more. You can try different movements, such as circular movements, back and forth, or sideways. You can go faster or slower and you choose the depth. Do not think that it is necessary that the penis is completely inside, there are men who also enjoy a massage at the tip. So play around with all the options and find what works best for you.

The most important thing about this position is that you go up and down with your body, in this way, he will feel that he is penetrating you, the idea is that he feels something similar to the missionary position. This will keep his penis firm for as long as it takes. We emphasize it since it is common for the penis to relax and lose its erection. This may be because he perceives that he has no control over the movements and does not know what will happen next, in short it is a posture of an unpredictable nature.

But not for that, less rich in pleasure, if you know how to take advantage of it. In this regard, always keep an eye on your partner’s opinion, it is the only way you hit the nail on their sexual tastes.

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