Do not be afraid to wear this style of clothing.

So many times, girls with curves, even without realizing it, we limit ourselves to wearing a certain style of clothing that we think fits us and that hides certain areas of the body, we enter little by little and without realizing it in a boring prison of clothing, always wearing the same thing all the time, and yes, nobody says that we should not be careful with what we wear, like all women, after all, each type of body has its particularities, but it is not about not daring to wear what we wanted so much. See what types of blouses are perfect for curvy girls and with which we will be very comfortable and beautiful.

The style for no reason should be in conflict with bodies full of sensual curves, so you must be sure to use them and know how to find the balance between what you like and what looks good on you.

Perfect blouses to dress our curves

* Flea asymmetries.

Asymmetrical blouses are perfect for us and it is because by only showing one of the shoulders for example or by having an asymmetrical hem and being loose, they manage to flatter your figure and make you look more stylized while highlighting the sensual concave and convex curves creating so a flattering effect. It can even be a dress.

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* Blusas Off shoulders.

Off-shoulder blouses give an hourglass effect to the body and by showing both shoulders, they create a balance with the hips and the waist tends to look visually smaller, making you look even more sensual with a small waist and with the added sexy touch of off the shoulder nudity as a bonus, with an off shoulder top you can’t go wrong.


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long sleeves

Virtually all long-sleeved tops are perfect; that the garment has loose sleeves, either full or only in the fine part as flared and in the torso is tighter this detail is essential to not end up with a very square and unbalanced look with the lower part of the body. This will make your silhouette defined. You can even combine it with tight pants as well to create an even greater balance in your look and highlight your super powerful curves.


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Halter necks.

Halter necks will give your body a proportionate figure, you can opt for one that is tight at the waist and a little volume and loose on your hips, and the effect will be even more accentuated.

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With details

Another type of blouse ideal for women with curves is the one worn tied to one side of the waist, with details on the bust and plain on the rest. With this type of blouse, you create the effect of having more waist, accentuate the bust and focus attention on the upper part of the body. You can choose the colors that you like the most, there is no specific tone that is correct. Let your imagination fly.

Straight blouses plus belts

If you have straight blouses and you want to give them a more feminine touch, you can combine them with a wide belt, which in addition to creating a new look, makes you look more waisted. However, it is important that the belt is placed under the bust or a little above the waist, because if you do not place it in those areas, you will create the effect of having more belly than you really have.

Attention to the sleeves

Another recommendation is not to wear blouses with very wide sleeves and a very high neck, since on the contrary these blouses will make you look more plump. Choose blouses with three-quarter sleeves without the neck is very high, always try to expose your neck, and wear a V-neck, to look slimmer.

Just enough

Never wear tight blouses in the belly area, and much less accompany this type of blouse with pants that are very tight at the waist, because even if you do not have many rolls, this combination will make you look fatter than you you are and it can make you appear more love handles than you have.

Tips to always highlight your curves

Choose your underwear well

The choice of underwear plays an important role. Choose underwear according to the shape of your body, so you will be able to soften the curves.

You can wear a girdle to shape the body under clothing. The girdle usually goes unnoticed and will give your body the appearance it needs to wear a dress to perfection, but in the case of blouses in general it is not necessary.

Incorporates the peplum cut

The peplum cut is a trend, it is feminine and an ideal design to hide the abdomen. In dresses, skirts, blouses and even blazers, you can wear this perfect ruffled cut to correctly highlight the curves. For daily or evening looks, the peplum cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

Dress your curves, don’t hide them

Do not be afraid to show off your beautiful body and wear clothes that help you enhance them. You can achieve the effect of having an hourglass body by wearing cotton, spandex, pencil skirts, skinny jeans, crop tops, and even tucking your blouse into your pants.

inside the blouse

When you are short any blouse is very long, and when you have curves a long blouse can make you look bigger than you really are, so an easy way to solve it is by tucking it in, remember it’s all a matter of finding the correct proportion for your body.

Avoid very short sleeves

Very short or diagonally cut sleeves do not flatter anyone, because they emphasize just the widest part of the arm. It is better to choose a slightly longer sleeve.


Investing in basics that feel really good, like jeans, even if you have to adjust them to measure (for example, that they have to tuck the waist to fit your hips well) and quality basic blouses and shirts are the basis of a good wardrobes.

The most important thing of all

Realize how beautiful you are. Love and admire your body, it is beautiful! the same as you. The most important tip I can give you is to walk with your head held high and sure of yourself, that is the best way to make all eyes focus on you.

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