Sometimes we make the mistake of giving ourselves body and soul to a person who does not correspond to us in the same way, that is where the problems begin, when we give much more than we receive, because healthy love, positive love, love that building ultimately is correspondence, and we must receive to the extent that we give, because otherwise we begin to feel underestimated and lacking in love.

That is why we have to be very clear that there are ways to make the love of your life see everything you do for him and appreciate each of your details.

And it is that sometimes we even do the impossible because our partner feels good, we have details, we are affectionate and we make the effort so that the relationship is not monotonous, however we realize that the other person does not seem to notice, much less. value everything we do for the union, it is at that moment when the question arises: what should I do so that my partner values ​​me?

Could it be that I am doing things wrong? And you start to question yourself, when it is very likely that you are doing things too well and that the mistake is not in you, or maybe that is not the case and if it is worth rethinking things because your partner is a special being. which is worth keeping.

So before you give up and want to end the relationship, you can make some changes in your behavior so that your partner opens his eyes and realizes all the things you are doing for him/her.


Self-love is a “sine qua non” requirement to be able to be happy, as long as one does not value oneself and is not aware of how much it means as a person, no other human being will perceive our value. That’s why if you want other people to see how valuable you are, you must first believe it. You will not be able to give love if you do not have it, remember that true love is your own, if you want your partner to be aware of how much you are, you must show him that you already know it, that you are a wonderful being, with much to give and capable of making life more pleasant for anyone.


Human beings are complex and it is very true that the vast majority do not value what they have when it is within their reach, but begin to miss it and see how wonderful it was when it is no longer by their side.

That is why when we show affection very often, these become something normal in the relationship, so much so that when they occur they cease to be a surprise, that is why in case your partner does not value gifts or nice words that you give him, suspend them for a while, you will see that he will miss that situation and will want to know the cause.


Here it is worth saying that when we are “Always ready like the Boys Scouts” we become part of the landscape and it is that people when we think we have something safe, we stop paying attention to it or we transport it to the place where we believe it is necessary. Therefore, do not show your partner that you are waiting for his message or call. As they say, give yourself a little to desire so that the other person wants to “win you back”. Nothing seems more attractive to us than what we cannot have.


Keeping a healthy distance is always good. If you are always by his side, both of you will get bored. That is why give him his space, this will help you to enjoy solitude, you will learn to know yourself and you will know many things.

Make him miss you, that when they’re not together he’s thinking of you. Doing activities alone will help you to have more topics of conversation when you meet your love and this will surely make the relationship improve and grow positively.


It is necessary for your partner to understand that you existed long before you met him/her, that you already had a wonderful life and that you were happy without him/her, that you are a human being full of dreams and goals; that you work daily to fulfill them.

Let them see that you can live without their company and that you don’t need them by your side to be happy.


In my opinion, there is nothing more attractive than a person sure of what they think, for this reason when they speak, give your points of view and defend them without being arrogant or rude. You are someone who has a voice, who does not do what others impose and above all who knows what he wants.


The best things in life are free and they are nothing more than the beautiful experiences that we have every day and that are immortalized in our memory, that’s why you should propose to carry out activities that unite them more and provide them with happiness.

Finally, we recommend that you assimilate as soon as possible that nobody values ​​what they think is safe, so take away from your partner some of the things they are used to so that they miss them.

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