Thanks to the fact that different scientists from various disciplines have been interested in expanding knowledge about adultery, we are gradually having greater access to get out of the state of ignorance and perplexity in which we were before. Where we did not know how common infidelity was. Although we can all theoretically know that infidelity has always existed, even since the institution of marriage was created, it is still something that we have a hard time accepting when it happens to us. It is not yet conceptualized as something normal. And in general, for women, it can even be a traumatic experience. Finally, at the level of society, we have also had some difficulty in understanding this act, which has always been very common among couples (sometimes more than one might imagine). Nowadays,

Recently, the “Journal of Sex Research” published certain conclusions regarding what had been rescued about the functioning of long-term relationships. As for men, it can be said that the panorama is not so clear, in them when they feel a greater desire to cheat, it is more diffuse and, in general, it usually happens after 11 years of relationship. According to the study, this may be because at this stage, they begin to focus more on what they have not achieved in life and also biologically, they begin to have a greater evolutionary desire to have more offspring.

In relation to women, the study was able to show that between the sixth and the tenth year of courtship or marriage, it is the moment in which they are more likely to fall into infidelity. And once the ten-year barrier is overcome, then they tend to stay more faithful. Most of them confirm that their reasons are: having a great desire to remain loyal to moral standards and being afraid of loneliness.

How did you come to this conclusion?

The researchers applied a survey on the importance of resisting the temptations of adultery to 423 people, who were voluntary participants and part of the sample that was used.

In addition to the survey, they were asked to confess the probability that, given the opportunity, they could be unfaithful to their respective partners.

From this investigation, pertinent information was obtained to be able to answer certain questions that are haunting the social group.

Is there a seven year crisis?

According to this research, there would be conclusive data with respect to affirming the widespread and popular belief about the crises that come after spending seven years with the same partner.

On a social level, it is said that spending 7 years with the couple can cause quite a stir, therefore, two possibilities can happen: Either the members of the couple end their relationship forever or the relationship becomes more and more entrenched. Due to the above, this crisis may turn out to be feared by couples, because it is reaffirmed that the frequency of couples that may end during this period is high. In addition, it is stated that the term at this stage could be definitive.

According to what the statistics show, it is that perhaps due to the amount of time, this could be enough for the passion and love to end and, therefore, doubts appear and with it, the temptation of other people’s flesh to the relationship In marriage relationships, it may be that infidelity does not end with him, very immediately. According to the National Institute of Statistics, taking into account the latest data, Spanish links last an average of 16.3 years. However, as can be seen from these data, couples do tend to end their relationships.

Another study that has been funded by the Australian company Forktip, and which has investigated these issues, gives us the information that apparently, if someone can be suspected, it is someone who belongs to your partner’s close environment. This study sampled more than 5,000 people. From the investigation it can be concluded that it is more common for infidelities to occur with people they already know: 22.4% of those surveyed said they had slept with a co-worker, and what is even more shocking is that a 23.8% claimed to have been unfaithful with a friend of their partner. Regarding the good news, only 3.9% confessed to having been unfaithful to someone in the family of their husband or wife. Also, This survey was able to identify the reasons why the participants and people in general could decide to commit an act of infidelity. Among the most important are: not having enough sex, they lack fun, that the other member of the couple has been unfaithful before or that the relationships do not satisfy one of the members of the couple sexually. If there is something that we can begin to get clean, it is that these new discoveries show us that having a partner should mean wanting to take care of her and not only at the beginning, when everything goes smoothly and we feel tremendously in love, but later , when the relationship begins to get more serious and feelings of discontent appear. Because anyone could be going through moments of vulnerability in terms of their partner (even you). We recommend that you respect your partner, that you take care of her and that you avoid at all costs the fact that with or without wanting to, you can commit an act of infidelity. The act of infidelity has great consequences on a personal level, not only because you can lose your partner and, if you recover it, you may have to make a lot of effort to rebuild the relationship, but as a person, before others, you can lose your credibility. .

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