One of the ways that women have to know if our partner is in love or not, is by the behavior and gestures that they show when they are intimate, because in those moments it is very difficult to use masks to hide something that is not felt or in Otherwise fake it.

If he does any of these things while having sex, chances are he’s totally in love with you! Although each person has their own way of expressing their feelings, there are some actions that are very specific and that they do spontaneously and even involuntarily when they are truly in love, because in those moments reason cannot control the heart who already has an owner. and it seems that own will.

Do you want to know if you are one of those who has stolen the heart of her man?

From the most romantic to the sexiest, we reveal what those 5 things are. Ready to discover them?

His gaze gives him away

There is a famous saying that says that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and we all know that in order not to give ourselves away we would have to be experts in deceiving the mind, intelligence agents of those that we see in the movies, in short, a common human being and Corriente expresses his feelings through his eyes and it is something that ultimately he cannot control.

One of the things that men in love do in bed is to look deep and directly into your eyes while they kiss you when they make love and their bodies are fused in an act full of delivery and passion. Avoiding eye contact can be a sign that he is nervous or wants to avoid a sentimental commitment, but if he constantly looks at you, it is likely that he loves you more than you imagine! Because for him it becomes impossible to hide those feelings when every time they look at you his eyes shine and even his pupils dilate more.

He cares more about your satisfaction than his own.

Another sign that he is in love is that most of the time when having sex he will prioritize your sexual satisfaction before his own!

If this is your case, it is most likely that he cares about pampering you and completely satisfying you in each sexual encounter and when this happens, sex becomes something sublime, because things flow as they should be and what remains for one is enjoy it and let yourself be loved.

And we women know that when men start doing this they are really loving us, because the vast majority at the beginning of a relationship, only think about their enjoyment and personal satisfaction, what’s more, they even become selfish and authoritarian beings.

Is romantic

It doesn’t mean I have to go cheesy and recite poems to you, but usually when a man is in love he romanticizes sex in some way. Whether it’s with deep and passionate kisses, soft and tender caresses, taking your hands or suggesting a very intimate sexual position, such as the lotus flower and the spoon.

He is very attentive and is always aware of the details and the little things, especially those that both enjoy, because he knows that you like them and make you happy. And of course, as they are falling in love, he is already visualizing himself with you in the future, because he is not seeing you as something temporary in his life, but rather he knows that he wants to continue building good things by your side so that you also reciprocate and fall in love with him. like he did with you

Say yes to cuddling

This is also one of the things that men in love do in bed, because almost all of them love to stay close to you and bring out their most tender and romantic side after having sex.

That’s why they won’t hesitate to spend a few minutes hugging you at the end of their hot session, no matter how tired and sleepy sex has generated them, because we all know that the loss of energy after a good sexual encounter is very great and men, above all, remain Exhausted and sometimes totally exhausted, he will know that you like to feel safe and loved by his side and he will probably also want to sleep with you and continue showing his love for as long as he can.

It tells you!

It’s that simple, when a man is really in love he won’t be afraid to tell you how much he loves you during sex, as he wants you to know how special you are to him every chance he gets! And one of the best moments to tell you that he loves you is in full intimacy, showing it to him without any reservations.

If he is already totally sure of how he feels about you, he will have no problem telling you how much he loves you, how much you mean to him, how much he cares about you, how much he enjoys having intimacy, sharing quality time; he will show you with deeds and words what he feels for you, for him it will become something very important because he will want to sow good deeds and good feelings to be able to reap the same and in abundance. Anyway, as a well-known psychologist says, when they love you it shows but believe me if they don’t love you it shows a lot more.

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