Humans have this innate ability to predict when someone likes us, and women especially, it seems that this technique of detecting them gets more in touch with their subconscious.

But we are all different and sometimes people don’t show love when they feel in love.

If someone likes us and does not show whether they like us or not, it is not our business as humans to have the capacity for intuition, so we need to know small signs or patterns that are not within our reach in order to discover it.


  • 1 What does a man tell you when he likes you?
  • 2 How does it behave?
  • 3 Phrases that a man usually says when he is interested
  • 4 Through social media
  • 5 Other phrases they usually say are:
    • 5.1 “I realized that…”
    • 5.2 “I can help you with that.”
    • 5.3 “That reminded me of you”
    • 5.4 “I’m here for you”

What does a man tell you when he likes you?

A man, when he has any interest in a woman, sooner or later shows it. Sometimes these types of signals are subtle and sometimes they are not, so a woman can be confused when she really wants to match that man.

We know signs and postures that can determine if a person likes you or not, but what does a man tell you when he likes you?

When experiences, comments, hobbies are shared, or when they are just chatting, if they are interested, that person will try to feel attracted to the same taste or feeling, empathy and attracted to sharing the same thing.

He can’t help but get nervous. Shows stiffness, strain when speaking, makes impulsive comments, and speaks rapidly. But sometimes he also needs a lot of time to think about what he is going to say, or he has a doubtful attitude mixed with unnatural movements.

How it behaves?

There are men who behave completely differently from others. The fact that a man is serious and mature does not always show or mean that it is a reason why he likes you.

There are times when he is completely different and constantly cracks jokes or calls for attention.

In conversations, it always means having more contact with the woman and seeking support or comfort. At this point she has confidence and because of that she wants to earn it even more. Therefore, share any concern, joy, feeling or experience you have had during the day.

Phrases that a man usually says when he is interested

There are words, phrases or signals that tend to arouse a man’s interest in a woman . If you are an outgoing person, there will be no shortage of idioms in your conversations, such as:

  • “My greatest wish is that you have a beautiful and wonderful day” Show that you want everything to go well for you, that life treats you in the best possible way.
  • “I would like to see you” This phrase says it all, but imagine if he says “I need to see you”, do not be alarmed because this phrase will surely make you explode with love.
  • “You are the most incredible person there is. I love everything you do”. It is the way to express everything that is important to him and as he admires you, maybe you will fall in love.
  • “For anything you need call me, no matter the time” Interest continues to draw attention and will not hesitate to do anything for you.
  • “Take care, text me when you get home” This phrase also hints that he cares about you and cares about you.
  • «I am waiting for your call because I like being with you. I hope we can meet many times”, another way to show your deep interest in the other person.

Throught social media

You cannot always have personal contact, social networks are another alternative. If you communicate regularly, it’s important to find out if the other person uses WhatsApp, for example, and if they text frequently.

In this case you will not stay on the sidelines, and your way of writing will also make many details clear.

The way of writing can arouse more or less interest depending on your habit: if you always offer your good morning or good night, the evidence is solid. The same thing happens when he needs to answer you, if he does it quickly and immediately it is a good sign.

Other phrases they usually say are:

“I realised that…”

When a man tells you that he has noticed the way you do something, or the way you talk to him, or the way you eat or laugh, then you can be sure that he is giving you a lot of attention and that he loves it. So spend as much time as possible with you.

“I can help you with that.”

It is a well-known fact that men love it when they feel that their partner cares about them and that they need them.

So, if he offers you some kind of help, it is a sign that he is in love with you. They may be able to offer advice or help with household chores.

When a man tries to help you, he wants to show you that he is trustworthy and that you can always count on him. His help and support allow you to build trust in him.

“That reminded me of you”

It is not easy for men to openly tell their partner right at the beginning of the relationship that he has thought about her because he still fears that his feelings will be hurt if he declares his love too quickly.

Instead, he’ll say something reminded him of you, which means he’s obviously been thinking about you a lot and wants you to know, without him explicitly telling you.

From this you can see that even if the two of you are not together, something reminded him of you and he immediately thought of you.

“I’m here for you”

That phrase has become a cliche, but once you hear those words from your crush, you’ll know they mean it literally.

When a man is in love with you, he will want to show you that you can always come to him with your worries and problems and that he will always be attentive to you.

With these words he wants to demonstrate his reliability and loyalty and encourage you to place your trust in him to create a stronger bond between the two of you.


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