Much has been written and much more will be written about sex.

It is that there is a great ignorance on the subject, normally produced by a great load of prejudices created and fed for many years.

The problem affects men and women, but these are the biggest, since they experience great pressure, based on the demands of a macho society.

There is also an additional problem: the biological basis of sexuality, the physical and physiological aspects are great unknowns, especially with regard to women, which also affects the problem.

What they want

Several elements influence a woman’s enjoyment under the sheets: her state of mind, her degree of complicity and knowledge with her partner are three of the most important.

Many times sex is one of the topics that “is not talked about”, even (or especially) with the couple. Being one of the fundamental pillars for a healthy relationship, it is very worrying.

In a survey commissioned by the sex toy company Pure Romance, 1,000 married men and women were asked to choose which sexual acts would improve their marriage.

Some of those answers could help you understand yourself better, enjoy yourself more, and improve your relationship.

1- At least 6 out of 10 women asked for more communication with their partner. Saying exactly what you like and what you don’t is essential to a good relationship. It is usually an uncomfortable subject, but it must be done.

2- Women highly value foreplay and this also has a biological basis: it is more difficult for them to reach orgasm. Kissing, sensual touching, and oral sex are definitely part of sex. Arousal will produce greater vaginal lubrication in her body, which is essential for sex to be more comfortable and pleasurable for her. And very important: these previous games are not limited to the meeting itself: the messages during the day can pave the way.

3- Sex toys are valued by many women: at least four out of ten appreciate them. Although some men have their prejudices, they can be a valid resource when looking for pleasure in the intimate encounter, since they add fun and creativity.

4- Role plays allow them to be very exciting for many women: it is when two people pretend to be something they are not, like two people who do not know each other, for example and 35% of them confessed that they think they would be suitable to spark in bed. They can include costumes and some couples do them in a very elaborate way: they meet in a certain place and play the game of conquest from the beginning, creating a story. It can be fun and exciting for couples who need an extra boost.

5- Fantasies are another resource that many women, at least four out of ten, want to put into play to add a little “spicy” in bed. It can be a very effective way to promote a more intimate approach and they are very varied: talk with dirty words, have relationships in a different place, games of submission, etc. In all cases, they are a privileged way to achieve pleasure.

but secrets

Most men don’t know how to treat a woman in bed, because they don’t understand that they are different and other things turn them on.

In research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, data from a survey of 1,055 women between the ages of 18 and 94 were analyzed.

Several striking results were revealed.

18.4% of women (less than one in five) said that penetration alone was enough for them to reach orgasm, but almost twice as many, 36.6%, said they needed clitoral stimulation.

36% of those surveyed said they didn’t necessarily need clitoral stimulation to climax, but that their orgasms were better if they did.

But… how to stimulate it?

81.7% prefer light touches with rhythmic movements, 78.3% for movements that surround them, 76% favor a combination of intense and less intense movements.

75.8% chose to delay things and take things slowly so that the pleasure would last longer.

Almost ¾ of those interviewed, 73.6%, said that a combination of all versions was ideal.

Very importantly, less than 20% of the women who responded, or less than one in five, said they preferred standard intercourse to manual stimulation.

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