An expert in love relationships revealed what it means to sleep with your partner in this way, the main questions are that maybe it is because of: cold, love or dependency? Next we will talk about this topic.

If you had not asked yourself these questions before about what the position in which you sleep with your partner means, right now will be a very good time to meditate on it, analyze it, understand it because according to specialists on this subject, the night usually provides important clues about our relationship. What do you think about this? The night is revealing for every couple.

For example, we will mention that a psychologist named Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, conducted various studies, including a survey of more than a thousand people about the way they normally sleep and the quality they have with sleep. their love relationships. The psychologist found in his study that the more separated they slept from their partners, they did not give a very good response to the survey, in fact, it was quite negative, these people apparently had a bad time in their relationship because they slept apart from their partner, so Our question that we carry out is: How true is it that sleeping with your legs intertwined is good for maintaining a relationship?

In a note made by The Huffington Post, the psychologist and relationship expert Corrine Sweet gave a brief and important explanation about what the position in which you sleep with your partner means and here we will share four of these positions:

1. Teaspoon.

In case you do not know this way of sleeping, it refers to sleeping on your side with your partner, both people in the same direction and the legs slightly bent to fit on the back while one person hugs the other. According to a study carried out by this relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, the position is only adopted by only a fifth of couples, that is, not many do it when sleeping and it demonstrates a certain dynamic in which “one takes a protective posture on the other” because the person who hugs the other person in this way of a spoon makes him feel a quite tender care and protection when sleeping and above all wishful.

2. Loose teaspoon.

The couples that are just beginning have the flame and the passion more alive than those that have been around for a longer time, these couples, let’s call them “new couples” usually have the greatest physical contact in bed, but once the relationship matures, that is, it passes time and they no longer feel like the first day, the novelty of sharing a bed disappears for some reason that may be out of habit, boredom and countless other things, the beginning is simply never the same as when a good time has passed Therefore, the loose spoon is typical of mature couples. It is as if the big spoon (the one that hugs) says: “I have you on my back, you can count on me”, but it is not as sexual or representing desire as at the beginning.

3. Persecution.

This is like spooning, that is, like the previous ones mentioned, however it is when one of the members of the couple is constantly looking for the other, like chasing each other, like a predator after its prey. This can mean two things: that the person who is being persecuted wants to be persecuted or that he has withdrawn because he wants space, normally in mature relationships it is the second option.

4. Legs intertwined.

This position is very intimate and if you and your partner sleep with your legs intertwined it is because you have intense emotions at play, as you read it, you are a very strong couple in love, this could be like after making love or at the beginning of a romantic relationship where they always want to be together at every moment of the day.

Some couples keep it throughout their relationship because they like this position, they love to feel that way with their partner, but it’s not necessarily a relatively good thing, according to Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, a psychotherapist in New York, since the couple could be too intertwined and unable to sleep apart. That is, they can experience a high degree of emotional dependence. However, it all depends on each couple, if they feel good about it and they have been together for more than 50 years sharing this same position from the beginning and they have never had any problem with it, there is no problem.

If you are one of those quite curious people who come to ask everything because they want to know everything or they must know because they are desperate if they cannot have a sufficiently solid explanation, then we hope that this study will be useful to you when you ask yourself what it means to sleep with your partner in these mentioned positions.

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