Every message can be said to hide a meaning behind what is actually read. Discover the meaning of that message that comes to you unexpectedly. The courage to do or say things head-on is something that most of the time we human beings lack. We spin dozens of times on an idea, on something we feel like saying, but the fear of disapproval always stops us.

So much so that when we finally make the decision to say or do what we have been saying so much, it is because we surely already have a plan B, or an emergency exit in case something turns out differently than what we expected. And this theory is deduced from countless examples, in any situation of daily life and even more so in human relationships.

A clear example could be graphed with this scene that surely sounds familiar to you: It’s the weekend, very late at night. You’re partying with friends, or maybe you’re at home and you get a WhatsApp or text message with this… “I miss you”, it leaves you offside, you don’t know what to think and much less what to do, how to react.

At that moment a lot of unconscious ideas come to your head trying to explain such a fact… Could it be that my ex has had too many drinks? It’s the first thing we think of and normally in that state these kinds of things happen. He is sorry? Do you want to try something again? You would be lying if you said that it has never happened to you, although it may be, but at some point it will happen to you, when it happens do not rush, take it easy, the important thing in principle would be to know the reason for this. Maybe he’ll excuse himself, maybe he won’t. But these types of messages can cause us a lot of confusion, especially when you spend some time without hearing from that person.

That is quite logical, who would have imagined that such a message would come to us so abruptly considering that the relationship ended by mutual agreement and assuming that each one understood it in due time.

In another situation, for example, if it were from your current partner, the message would not have greater importance, and would become just one more gesture of appreciation as is usual between couples. A show of affection, so there’s nothing weird about that.

Picking up from the beginning. When someone who is already from the past sends you a “I miss you” and after a day or two contacts you apologizing for what he said to you, will he want to return? What was really going through his head? It is evident that he feels embarrassed and even more so if you have not answered him, perhaps he did it unintentionally but… who types several letters to form words “unintentionally”. A perfect excuse is to blame the excess of drinks, obviously alcohol, not water, as a way to disassociate responsibility for the fact. That is where plan B or emergency exit already mentioned before comes into action. And well, what can you say, every resource is valid to avoid humiliation, but you must have greatness to accept defeat or error.

So much so that it called the attention of professional specialists in the area, which is why this type of behavior was studied by the psychologist Bruce Bartholow seeking to give the most accurate answer possible and he assures that “Alcohol does not disable you from controlling your actions, but it does It makes you not care what they mean.”

So blaming alcohol for a message sent while intoxicated does not justify the fact, because in reality you have done what you felt and wanted at that moment.

The expert carried out a study with several subjects between 21 and 35 years of age who had consumed alcohol, put them on a computer to solve some exercises, on the other hand, he also had a control group of participants who had not consumed alcohol. and had them perform the same exercises on the computer. The conclusion of this experiment was that people who were under the influence of alcohol if they were aware of each of the mistakes they made, also sounded an alarm with each mistake, but they did not show importance to that as if the subjects in the state did. of sobriety. The investigator assures that a person who could have taken more knows very well what he writes in a message,

Other messages that are sent while drunk are:

– “Love you”

– “Where are you?”. (Text sent at 3 AM)

– “I am in front of your door, let me in”. (To the crush or to the ex)

– “We should finish”.

– “I hate my life and I want to die”. (sent to your friend when you are in philosopher mode)

“We should get married.”

– “My life is much better since you left me.”

So now you know, you can’t hide behind alcohol to justify the messages you send, because in reality you feel that way but you don’t care about the consequences.

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