In general, we are very used to talking about economic scams. But there are also emotional scams. These are characterized by generating a strong sensation of deception, produced in personal relationships, as a result of certain expectations being broken. This has to produce such an emotional effect that the person has to feel cheated. That is, he has to feel that what she believed was not true. As for the feeling of feeling cheated due to an emotional reason, it can be said that it is quite common to experience it when a couple breaks up. It can be experienced by the one who decides to break up or by the one who feels abandoned. Has it happened to you that you experience a disappointment inside? Especially when they realize that certain aspects of the relationship have not been as they had originally imagined. Feeling this can also be frequent when you have been in the relationship for more than 3 months, more or less. It may be a consequence of the fact that during the first months of the relationship, we were idealizing the other and our relationship. Have you noticed that generally during the first months of a relationship we feel that we have no conflicts with the other? This is the product that we are in a state of transitory infatuation. But more or less after the first 3 months, we begin to see the reality in our courtship and that is where it may be likely that we can feel cheated,

learn from experience

We mean that it is constructive to assume the responsibility that we may have in the situation. That is, it may be that we, consciously or unconsciously, have helped to form the image of perfection from which we later become disappointed.

It is common for people, when they feel emotionally cheated, to feel that all the responsibility for the deception rests with the other and that they did absolutely nothing to contribute to it.

However, after a short walk on the path of reflection, we can realize that the emotional swindle can be accompanied by self-deception itself. Why do we self-deceive? Because we do not want to see reality as it is. Sometimes we can feel afraid to see that our relationship as a couple, with which we are so excited, may have some serious setbacks. Although it is difficult for us to accept reality, feeling that an emotional scam occurred is not better. Therefore, from this point of view, it is not very constructive for us to keep thinking about what we could have done wrong. Therefore, we recommend that you learn from past experiences so that you can improve personal and partner relationships that you have in the future.

What we mean is that it is necessary to accept what the person we like is like and the characteristics of the relationship in question. So that after the first three months, you don’t get such big surprises, which can lead to destroying a relationship that is just beginning.

Tips to prevent emotional scams

In this part of the article, we are going to talk about what we can do to avoid being partly responsible for causing emotional scams.

With respect to taking into account only personal relationships, we advise you not to make promises that you know you will not be able to keep. We believe that this advice can be useful for any type of relationship, but mainly as a couple. Why? This is because, in general, our partners can ask us to change certain internal aspects of ourselves, which we may not like either, but many times it is not enough just to want to change and we run into internal obstacles that we do not know. how to raffle In light of the above, how can we promise that we will change? Based on all of the above, we recommend that you try to be consistent with your words. This means that you agree with yourself regarding what you think, say and do.

Now we are going to refer to how we can avoid, as far as possible, that we are victims of an emotional scam. For the above, when you meet a new person in your life, be careful and patient, so that you get to know her slowly, but in a good way. So that you can accept what the other person is really telling you or showing you. The idea is that you not only know her through her actions, but also take into account her words.

Pay attention to what you yourself think, so that perhaps, you can realize when you are thinking about how you would like the person to be and you are confusing it by thinking that the person is really like that. If you manage to realize this, then try to meet new people as they are. Strive to be able to see and accept the reality of what you are being shown. The above is easier, if one is not in love. In fact, it is rare that it happens in other types of relationships in such an intense way. However, during falling in love, one can easily turn a deaf ear to tremendous signals that can give you very important information. Why does one ignore them? There may be different reasons, one of the most relevant is that we genuinely do not want to see what is in front of our eyes.

In short, so that you do not cause emotional scams, try to be consistent with your thoughts, words and actions. And so that you do not suffer from emotional scams, try to try to see reality, however negative it may seem. This can be difficult for all of us, therefore, we advise you to be patient with yourself, we want you to understand that although it is not an easy process, it is not impossible either.

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