Many celebrity makeup artists use simple products that, along with high-quality, expensive makeup, increase their productivity and effectiveness. Some even feel a special predilection for the ‘old school’ tools and for the products of a lifetime, those used by mothers and grandmothers, such as the horsehair glove, the Campana cream, the pumice stone. One of the most famous celebrities in the world is Kim Kardashian. There is always someone talking about her and, together with her sisters, she has become a world reference in fashion and trends in makeup, hair and clothing.

Mario Dedivanovic is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and has revealed the secret he uses on her to naturally increase the volume of her eyelashes. And you will be surprised to know that this trick was not invented by her, but had already been used by Audrey Hepburn herself. So it should work and we want to test it as soon as possible.

It is obvious that the eyelash curler and the right mascara help to extend the volume of the lashes, but the trick they have revealed is: use the eyebrow brush. You have to use it gently, so that they are combed and very long.

We know that eyelash extensions displaced natural eyelashes and became a beauty trend to beautify the look. But the application and maintenance of false eyelashes can be very expensive and takes up time that we don’t have, so for those who want to show off extra-long lashes without resorting to extensions, heed Kim Kardashian’s secret.

Her makeup artist revealed the trick in an interview for ‘The Cut’, an online magazine that talks about fashion and style. The trick behind Kim Kardashian’s long lashes is nothing more than a simple eyebrow brush or comb. Although this tool is not new and belongs to the elements of the old school, used decades ago by grandmothers, in addition to fulfilling the function of keeping unruly eyebrow hairs in place, it is also used to extend the eyelashes. of natural form. The eyebrow brush is an undervalued product and perhaps we had not even considered this trick, blindly trusting the innovative technology of new mascaras that promise to separate and lengthen the eyelashes. And although it is true that there are formulas that are very effective, we believe that adding this step to the ritual, it will be a hit. Mario Dedivanovic commented: “It is one of the most important tools in my makeup kit. After curling the lashes with the curler (or curler), I always use a spacer. Makes eyelashes very pretty and symmetrical. Mascara tends to make lashes a bit clumpy, but a spreader adds a lot of bounce to lashes.”

A professional makeup artist named Joaquin Patterson recommends using castor oil to extend eyelashes naturally, since it is a classic that makes them look abundant and lengthened. It is applied using the mascara brush and it is recommended to repeat it every night before going to bed and not rinse it off.

Although many other makeup artists do not agree with the use of oils and recommend that the best way to take care of your eyelashes is to remove your eye makeup every day and use a good mascara. If outright your eyelashes are very short, you should accept them like that and seek to highlight another part of your face. Sometimes, you can hurt yourself more than you think, by clinging to wanting to achieve something that is not going to happen. Another way to use this trick to achieve extra long lashes is to do the routine in three steps: the first is to shape them with the curler, then comb them with the eyebrow brush and finally, apply mascara. We know that there is currently a wide variety of products for eyelashes, for their growth and natural lengthening. Some of these products have the help of oils.

Always remember that at the end of the day you must remove your makeup with a special product for eyelashes or do it gently with wipes or makeup remover cream without hurting them. Many of the mascaras are waterproof and difficult to remove, so it is better to look for the right product, if not, you will end up ruining them. So let’s do this trick, which, as we said at the beginning, Audrey Hepburn already did something quite similar. Her makeup artist, Lauren Valenti, told Marie Claire magazine that he used a hairpin, or hair clip, to separate the eyelashes. She did it after the curling iron and two coats of mascara, separating the lashes one by one, starting at the roots. A meticulous job but one that has the same effect as Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist’s trick: separate the eyelashes, define them,

When you put this trick into practice, you will see how, in less than a minute, your look is emphasized. It is essential to do it when the mascara has dried completely, to avoid staining the eyelid

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