If you always thought that only women live thinking about our ideal man, you are wrong: they also think about finding the ideal woman.

Neither impressive curves, a perfect body or a pretty face: the attributes that real men look for in the ideal woman and who will accompany them for the rest of their lives are very different… and they will surely surprise you.

These are the ten fundamental aspects.

1. Character and personality are highly valued elements. Men want to find women who are genuine and real, like when they are with their friends; that have a great sense of humor, taking life with the right dose of seriousness and fun. Therefore, when you dress up for a special occasion and you look and feel wonderful, you do not need to change your true personality to be accepted. Be yourself, do not exaggerate care with meals. Loose hair and your natural face, without makeup, is very attractive. Find the clothes that make you feel comfortable and better express your personality.

2. Respect and self-respect have always been, are and will continue to be fundamental in the presentation of a person to the world. This also includes what you share on your social networks. Where you go, with whom, what you say and how you say it, how you treat others, are a tangible sample of your personality. Men don’t want someone who is everywhere and sharing everything with everyone. They prefer the studious and serious girl who thinks about the future. 3. A caring woman wins points with men, because they need those displays of affection. They look for someone to take by the hand, to hug and kiss them unexpectedly, to ask how their day was. Physical contact is something that brings people together and makes them feel comfortable and confident in each other’s company. Four. Intelligence is key to feminine attractiveness and an essential quality in the ideal woman. A stimulating conversation casts a spell on any man. The intelligent woman knows a lot about the world around her and thinks critically. Daily life is full of uncertainty and having someone insightful by your side helps you make the right decisions in different aspects of life. 5. Self-confidence is a quality that falls in love and that yes or yes it is present in the ideal woman. The person who loves and values ​​himself beyond her flaws and is self-confident is the sexiest person in the world. In these cases, physical beauty takes a backseat and attributes are highlighted. A woman who understands her worth, knows what she wants and doesn’t wait for a man to give it to her, she is naturally attractive.

6. Of course, the ideal woman inspires confidence. Who would want to be in a relationship with a person who doesn’t? The man seeks a life partner and for this this quality is essential. If you’re a gossip who keeps talking bad about people, you lose points. 7. Men seek to be the ones who care for and plan for the good of their family, but they also love a woman capable of planning a life for both of them, which does not mean that she makes decisions alone, but that she looks and projects towards him. future, that can see a little beyond the day to day. These determined women have a greater ability to focus their energy. For them, uncertainty about the future does not exist: they understand what it takes to get there and failure is simply not an option for them. A woman willing to be the mother of her children or who fights for a successful career, will also do it for a relationship. Ambitious people usually find a way to make things work…and this is a simply irresistible quality.

8. Humility cannot be lacking in an ideal woman. When a man is looking for a life partner, this quality becomes very attractive to men. The humble woman transmits compassion for others and even puts the happiness of others before her own, in such a natural way that they transmit peace and protection. If someone is able to put the other first, she shows that her ego is not going to get in the way of forming a strong and stable relationship. 9. The ideal woman is one who knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life. She does not live in regret for what she had and lost or for what she could have been, but rather she appreciates what she has because she has fought hard to obtain it. Her self-esteem does not come from outside or from comparison with others, but rather she is nurtured by the true feeling of having tenaciously fought for everything she has.

10. Among the pleasures of life that we mentioned also included, of course, sex. The ideal woman has simply gotten rid of the prejudices that prevent her and her partner from enjoying themselves. She is not afraid to try new things and take the risk of feeling pleasure with her partner, because she knows that this is one of the powerful foundations of a solid and lasting relationship.

Be yourself

When a man tells you how he feels about you, appreciate it, it’s kind of hard for them to talk about their feelings. Appearance, popularity, social status or money do not make people find true love: the existence of strong qualities and strong self-esteem are the fundamentals for it.

Be yourself and never betray your deepest values, that will make you shine for others and you will be irresistible to the man in your life.

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