There is a psychological reason behind everything we like or dislike in our lives, and our favorite color is no exception. Your favorite color can say much more about you than you think. You may not show all the characteristics of a certain color, but you will find yourself somewhere in the description.

Blue: You are deep, calm, reliable. Like the ocean, you seem strong and confident, but there is more below the surface, a vulnerable side, something stormy. You also long for harmony and peace and are very loving and generous to those around you.

Red: You are bold, loud, boisterous and full of energy. You are adventurous, spontaneous and thirsty for anything that gives you an adrenaline rush. You are passionate, ambitious and competitive. You also like to be the center of attention and don’t shy away from any opportunity to shine. You live life to the fullest.

Green: You are practical, loyal and consistent. You are stable and well balanced, and you are generous and kind with your thoughts and feelings. Like nature, you know how to attract others to you without trying too hard, your sense of self-esteem and security, in addition to your generous nature, makes you appreciated and loved by many.

Black: You are strong and determined. You want power and prestige and you are not afraid to go after what you want. You are enigmatic and charming, but can often seem intimidating even to your closest friends and colleagues. You can be demanding and dictatorial at times and may have a hard time letting other people in, but like color, you are timeless and sophisticated and will never go out of style.

White: You are simple, neat, calm but immaculate. You have a positive personality and are optimistic about life and the future. People love to be around you because you are brilliant and exude happiness. You like to play it safe and are usually very detail oriented. You are independent and self-sufficient and enjoy spending time alone.

Marron : You are calm, cool and collected. You crave stability and comfort. You are loyal, humble, modest and trustworthy. You are a great friend, a great father and a great partner. You are hardworking and industrious, but you also have a sweeter side that makes other people want to open up to you and trust you.

Yellow: You are curious and enjoy learning new things. You always seek happiness and personal fulfillment. You like to cheer people up even if you’re not so cheery yourself. You are intelligent and focused on pleasure. You know how to live a good life, but you always put on a brave face and try to hide the fire inside you behind a pretty smile.

Rosa: You are the heart of all colors. You are loving, soft, kind, sensitive and warm. You are the caretaker; Always giving more than you are receiving. You are romantic and sensual and have idealistic standards. You are sweet and charming and you always know how to deal with everyone in a way that comforts them. You are delicate and you can have a naive or childish side that makes you even more kind.

Purple: you are artistic and unique. You are highly intuitive and are often interested in spirituality and the deeper meaning of life. You are compassionate and active, you are a free spirit that seeks the secrets of life. He pays attention to the finer details and is always observing and analyzing everything that comes his way. You are a visionary and a good judge of character, you can be a bit moody, but that is because you capture everything you experience and feel it so deeply.

Silver – you are a thinker; introspective and imaginative, you see things from a different angle and are not afraid to express your eccentric opinions. You have a lot of experience in life and are always happy to share your stories and wisdom with those around you. You are very resourceful and powerful at the same time. People are drawn to you because of your confidence and captivating aura. Life seems to work your way and you always have a sincere smile on your face.

Gold: Just like your color, you want to be seen and number one all the time. You are always looking for something to make you even more special and opportunities to shine and lead. You are super confident and charismatic that attention follows naturally. You know who you are and what you want, but you are also genuine and generous. You are authentic and reliable and always look for quality over quantity.

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