For many women, what men think when they see them without clothes is a topic of conversation and speculation. In fact, almost all of us are very curious to know. Do you want to know what goes through his head at that moment? Find out!

Let’s start by emphasizing that men in general, try to appear normal, when in reality, inside they are usually dying of nerves. We tell you that while you are undressing and paying attention to whether they are looking at you or not, biologically the man has certain symptoms. Among which they highlight that the blood flows in a slower way compared to how it normally flows and his heart begins to beat very fast.

As for the mental, little by little man is totally losing the ability to connect his thoughts with ideas. It is totally true when it is said that they “lose their minds”, at least at that time. His brain is in tune with the bodily sensations and with the sexual act, which occupies his entire brain, there is no energy left for anything else.

Although they try, and at times they can, to hide their shocked expressions and generally try to give the impression of being sane, in reality they are not.

If the above caught your attention, then we will go into detail about the most common thoughts of men when they see women without clothes.

They care to watch

During daily life, when we meet men, we can often observe that men make a great effort, sometimes tremendous, to keep their eyes on the woman’s face and not elsewhere, which could attract more attention. , such as the breasts or the buttocks. As women it bothers us that they are looking at us there, and in addition, that action can be frowned upon, in general men are a bit forced to make an effort to look us in the face. All of the above changes radically when generating a sexual encounter. Finally, they have a space where they can be uninhibited and not only can they look, but they are also allowed to touch, so they finally have all the freedom to be able to feel the female body carefully.

With regard to women, they have usually prepared themselves for that moment and are willing to be looked at, touched and want to be admired and praised. They don’t usually feel uncomfortable. Although this last point depends entirely on the man.

put things aside

All women should know that our sensuality is too powerful a weapon, so we must use it responsibly, because regardless of whether they had other plans, the man will almost always prefer to stay in bed with you.

They may have arranged to go out to eat with other friends, maybe they wanted to see a movie or had made plans to do some other activity that he really wanted to do, however, if you started to undress unexpectedly and let him know that you can If something else happens, it is most likely that he will leave the plans that he wanted to do so much, to dedicate himself with total attention to performing the sexual act.

They want you to be comfortable

Men will be willing to do many things in order to make you feel in your comfort zone, that is, only ask for what is needed to make you feel as comfortable as possible, because if they succeed, they feel that they have done the job. work and feel rewarded for it. They also know that they must include kisses, caresses and words that form a fruitful environment to carry out the activity. The objective is that you want it, so that you have the best time possible and want to repeat the experience.


It is known that one of the biggest differences regarding the sexual act between men and women is that men, biologically, have a greater facility to reach climax, therefore they take much less time than women.

Taking into account the above, the common thing is that the man has to delay his pleasure in order to please you, so it is important to highlight that the man makes an extra effort to maintain certain movements, which will encourage your sensitivity and hopefully help you to reach climax. So, it’s not just the fact that they care about making the date and all the previous moves, but in most cases, they really do make an effort during sex to last until you’re done. They also tend to respect the entire ritual, mainly from the beginning of the sexual act.

They want to know what you want

The best thing you can do is express, as accurately as you can, what you want within the sexual area. All women have our secrets as to how we like to have sex. We need certain things done to us or treated in a certain way. Sharing this information is essential for man and also, both will appreciate the fact of talking about it.

We all know that men have many qualities, but they are not fortune tellers. So you should clearly say what you like and what you don’t like, unless you’ve been getting to know each other for a while. If this is not the case, and they have just met, it is very relevant that they talk about it openly, since an important part of the ego of all men is to be able to satisfy you as best as possible in the sexual part. feel lucky

Men feel incredibly crazy when they have a completely naked woman in front of their eyes, therefore, many fantasies can go through his mind, however, he will also feel tremendously grateful to have you there. In addition, it is assumed by both parties that if you are naked, it is because something else is going to happen, a fact that can make you feel even more grateful. What we present to you now are just some brushstrokes of the things that can go through a man’s head when he sees you naked. So now that you know a little more about the subject, did you imagine it?

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