In bedroom games, all the possibilities can be given to achieve enjoyment. You may find it pleasant that he goes slower than fast on the highways of pleasure, but it usually happens that maintaining a minimum speed will generate some kind of annoyance. Why is this and what can you do? It is common to hear about premature ejaculation, but almost never about the reverse dysfunction: delayed ejaculation and although many do not take it into account, it is a disorder that can cause serious problems.

What is delayed ejaculation?

You may find it particularly nice that your partner takes time to enjoy himself, but when that time goes on longer than expected, problems arise. This is known by the name of delayed ejaculation. If the measures are not taken to solve it, it can become a great inconvenience that causes irritation and discomfort.

Late ejaculation is a dysfunction in which the man needs more than normal time to ejaculate during intimacy and in the worst case he does not achieve it. Interestingly, many men do not have problems ejaculating with oral sex, or masturbation, but, nevertheless, penetration is difficult for them.

The reason why this dysfunction or disorder occurs is still not precisely known, but there are some indicators that lead to the man suffering from this. Specialists say that an excessive practice of masturbation leads to ejaculation being difficult with pressure, since greater friction is needed to achieve it.

Other theories claim that it is a phobia or a fear of ejaculating with your partner. There are research works that ensure that the cerebral cortex of people with this problem is activated too much so that, at the time of sex, the ejaculation reflex is inhibited.

It is for this reason that it is advisable to turn to a specialist to try to resolve the dysfunction and be able to enjoy sex without inconveniences, above all, it is essential to understand that you are facing a problem but that there is a solution,

Some tips to solve this situation

The always necessary creativity does not take place

When you have already climaxed, but your partner is still taking longer and you start to feel discomfort, you should tell him to stop. Do not think that this may be a rejection of your partner, on the contrary, they will only find a way to give themselves pleasure and that they achieve their orgasm without being hurt. You must have, above all, an excellent communication with him. One option is to practice oral or manual sex on him. They are different experiences and to reach pleasure there are multiple paths, you should not feel frustrated because of it, you can always do it.

Lubricant as an effective solution

If you are under good lubrication at all times, you will have no major inconvenience in waiting for it, just take it easy. In the event that he, in the same way, does not achieve the climax, do not worry, try to enjoy it for much longer.

Communication in the couple is your best ally

When we talk about maintaining a relationship over time, we always consider sincere and effective communication between the two as a solid base. It is the secure livelihood for the couple. It is good that they free themselves from any taboo and that they let sexual games serve as elements and become their allies to reach orgasm. Any idea will always be welcome when everything can be possible in the bedroom. If, even so, the situation persists, it is convenient and for the good of the couple, that they can talk about it calmly, at another time and in confidence. Talk about what you feel, what happens to you, agree to find a way to achieve pleasure in the way that seems best to you. Feel free to resort to the resources that you see fit to light the fire in privacy. That fantasies have no limits, Above all, if there is love, there will be nothing that is impossible for them. The dialogue in the couple will always be the sustainable basis of everything, in sex and beyond it. Remember that they can turn to a specialist to guide them and help them solve this problem and that they can do it as a couple.

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