It is very annoying to know that you are with someone who begins to show signs of ignoring you. Find out how you can avoid a major conflict One of the most important goals of human beings is to find someone to live with for the rest of their lives. Someone who makes us happy and who allows us to have a full life full of unforgettable moments. But what to do when over time the couple ignores us and that successful relationship declines due to these symptoms? Psychologists state that the couple can change their initial behavior. If at first he gave everything for us, he can end up ignoring us. After analyzing this situation, express that this unpleasant feeling can cause many problems for the person who feels rejected because they can come to believe that it is their fault or that the partner has stopped loving them. Sometimes, it can be a communication problem that must be solved, so that it is always positive to talk about things. Draw attention

It is said that when someone ignores a person it is a subtle way of attracting attention, so many people use this resource in order to get another person or people to give them the attention they think they deserve.

This is what you should do when you feel that your partner is ignoring you. Observe their behavior

In the complexity of the relationship, various situations often occur, such as, for example, at some point in the relationship, your boyfriend/girlfriend feels hurt by some of your behavior. If this is the case, it would be good to talk about what is happening. Sometimes we can get to the point where we get fed up with someone’s behavior after several notices. Be realistic, and if you have actually had something to do with it, you better be self-critical and admit your mistakes. Put yourself in their shoes Continuing with the previous point, it is good to try to understand your partner’s behavior. Maybe the reason for his distancing is your behavior, or maybe things are not going well for him at work and he is not having the best time. So analyze the situation from their perspective to be able to assess the situation and understand what is happening.

The communication

If you feel confused by everything that is happening, we suggest that you be quite clear and speak things up front. Nothing like facing the bull by the horns.

If he or she appreciates you from their heart, they will bring out everything that happens. According to the explanations that psychologists have provided, communication is the best way to avoid unnecessary conflicts, because when each one pulls for his side, the relationship can deteriorate and the dating relationship can get worse. No jealousy

Sometimes from the desperation of not knowing why he is ignoring you, we try to make our partner jealous. Although this may seem like a good alternative. In the long run, it can damage trust and the smooth running of the relationship. Without a doubt, it is not the best option to bring postures closer. and regain mutual trust.

Focus on you and leave the obsession aside

It can also happen that, when trying to find out what goes through a person’s mind, we become obsessed and stop being ourselves. This can make us sad, something that can hijack our attention and negatively change our behavior.

That is why it is important to focus on oneself, because when we are ignored, our self-esteem can suffer. If we fight for our own personal development and find inner peace, it is easier for us to be less affected by how they treat us and what others say about us. Ask for respect If you have tried everything to discover what is happening, and be able to solve things, but the other person just doesn’t give in, don’t let them disrespect you. Value yourself, demanding respect, the other person knows what the limit is and what you tolerate. If after talking to that person and not seeing results, perhaps you should begin to seriously consider the path that the relationship is taking.

make a decision

When you see that things are no longer working outright and your relationship cries out for a break, it is because surely your partner reached the bottom of disappointment and the problem is serious. It could also happen that there is actually a third person.

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