Surely you are curious to know what types of masturbation exist. In this article we have compiled for you the different types of masturbation and we present them below so you can discover the different techniques that exist. Read on to discover different ways people use to masturbate.

What types of masturbation exist?

You may not know it, but there is no single form of both male and female masturbation. In reality, there are different and varied ways in which men and women can be stimulated to achieve sexual pleasure and improve their health thanks to the benefits that masturbation has for both the physical and mental health of people who practice it regularly. regular and healthy.

Although society has been repressed for many years and little was said and almost none of the studies carried out on masturbation, today we can find different types of masturbation for both men and women.

types of masturbation for men

First of all we find the types of masturbation for men. The first option is to hold the penis with one hand and place the other on the top of the glans. This is done when the penis is still soft and you have to move the upper part up and down to get the man excited and get an erection effectively.

Secondly, we find a fairly common technique that many men use and that basically consists of moving your hand from the top to the bottom on the penis, always from the base area to the glans area.

Thirdly, we recommend placing one hand up and one down holding the penis and moving them up and down until you achieve pleasure. Likewise, it would also be interesting to use both hands, putting one first and then the other but without stopping to move them so that the stimulation is continuous.

On the other hand we find a very interesting type of masturbation that is the stop and start and that is used and recommended especially for people who have premature ejaculation. For this masturbation, the technique of going up and down is performed until the man knows that he is going to ejaculate and at this moment the masturbation stops.

When the man stops feeling that he is going to ejaculate, he starts masturbating again and so on a few times. It is an interesting way that the pleasure increases more and more and it is also a technique that can also be used by people who have premature ejaculation to avoid ejaculating so quickly and to be able to have more satisfactory sexual relations.

Another interesting technique of male masturbation is to move the hand making turns on the penis always from the bottom up and to the sides without stopping going up and down.

We also recommend interlocking both hands and stimulating the penis located in the middle by moving them up and down with different pressure. This technique can also be applied by moving the hands to the sides in a kind of masturbation thread.

Types of masturbation in women

As for women, we also find different very interesting masturbation techniques. The first one consists of masturbating the other person from top to bottom or doing it yourself and for this you have to focus on the clitoris. You should touch this area with your finger, rubbing it from top to bottom. It is best to start by applying this technique naturally on one side and when you are already or the person is excited, go on to stimulate him so that it is not a very abrupt masturbation.

In second place we find the slow and long caresses. This type of massage is performed using one or several fingers sliding them inside the vagina and the clitoris from the bottom to the top in a kind of long route. For this type of massage, you must take into account which are the most pleasant areas and it will also be very interesting to alternate slow movements with faster ones and also the pressure.

The next option that we recommend is the side-to-side female masturbation that consists of rubbing the clitoris in a very pleasant way and also the circular movement using all the fingers to enjoy it to the fullest.

In addition, the G-spot is a very pleasant area whose stimulation can cause really intense orgasms in women. This area is located just above the urethra.

To masturbate, women can use the shower jet, the bathtub, the pillow and even a rolled-up towel. Another technique consists of squeezing the clitoris using both the thumb and the index finger to get a lot of pleasure.

The next interesting technique is to do with the middle finger and the index finger. You have to press the clitoris from less to more pressure and tap it, changing the pressure and speed to achieve authentic pleasure.

Classic masturbation will also be interesting rubbing and stimulating the lips of the vagina with the fingers as a game prior to the classic masturbation. Perhaps with this technique an orgasm is not achieved directly but it is certainly a very interesting way to get to other types of female masturbation techniques. To stimulate the vaginal lips we recommend using erotic toys or objects, squeezing the fingers or pressing that area and masturbating the lips up and down with one or more fingers.

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