The fear of rejection is the irrational belief that others will not accept you as you are, as you think or as you act. This belief generates an irrational fear of not being accepted as one is, that is, a fear of being rejected by others.

You are a human being and it is normal to feel overwhelmed by emotions after a rejection. You don’t need to be strong or play brave.

You must also remember that there is a very narrow line between wanting to safeguard the relationship and losing decency. This is what you should do if your partner rejects you.

It is painful when you love a person who does not love you back, but perhaps you are not aware that he does not love you. So here you will find some signs that a man does not love you or will love you. So you can end that relationship which, most likely, will only leave you in great pain.

If your boy rejects you, this is not just because he is stressed by excessive work, his many duties or because he has already started his long-awaited soccer game. The truth is that women have a sixth sense, also what happens is that men are obvious enough when they want to get away. The truth is we should not be extremists and judge the first one who is being unfaithful. So, what to do?

The truth is that most women idealize, we maintain the ideology that beautiful love, is to endure and suffer. They must understand that it has nothing to do with love. Once we feel that she is slipping away and getting out of hand, we put on the victim’s dress and let the bad thoughts take over her. We tend to think “that she is dating someone else”, “we are no longer as attractive as before”, “he stopped loving me” and thus, make a long scroll of the fear that losing him gives us. As long as your dignity is not at stake, you can put these tips into practice:

Respect your space:

It is not good to be so distrustful to think that your partner is part of your anatomy, both need space. Men like to believe that they are in control, that they are the boss in the relationship, because their ego speaks for itself. However, the more you pressure him by asking about his behavior, the less explanation he will give you.

Don’t idealize.

The perfect man does not exist, however, you must keep in mind that the person who is by your side often makes your feelings reach the maximum. You must remember and be clear that your happiness does not depend on any man. Many times we women end up begging, because we let the man we built with a lot of love lie to us. And the worst thing is that we justify it.

Speak up front.

If you really believe that the relationship between them is important, he should say yes or no, if they are still together, but for this you must speak up front. There is nothing worse than waiting for him to leave your house to send him messages telling him what you think.

It’s best to let him miss you.

It’s not about infidelity, or lack of love. Many times the routine does its thing. Do you remember how long it’s been since everyone went out on her side? Give him the opportunity to miss you when he meets other people. Perhaps, you realize that you no longer love him, since you left your world long ago to enter his.

Show security.

Neither that you cry, nor that you offer many expressions of affection and much less an I can’t live without you, are enough for the man you fell in love with to return to you. When a woman kneels before her partner, the only thing you give her to understand is that she has you eating from her hand and that she can leave and come back whenever she wants, because no matter what she does always You will receive it.

It is not good to be in a relationship where your partner transmits coldness to you. Girl, you only have one life, you are not here to put up with louts, who love you today and who knows tomorrow. Love yourself so much that you don’t have to settle for your crumbs.

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