What you should know about anal toys?

Today, more and more people are turning to anal toys for pleasure throughout the year. Thanks to the revolution that these toys have caused, the advantages of these sexual devices are spreading.

 Since these toys allow users to obtain a more pleasant experience because they are themselves, they will mark their rhythms, adjust the intensity and even the pressure that the object exerts on them.

What are the benefits they report? Each one will adapt their anal toy to their tastes, since it also allows them to change position or depth in the event of discomfort or less pleasant sensations.

What are anal toys?

We can define anal sex as the stimulation or penetration of the anus and, to make this experience as pleasant as possible, anal toys emerged.

Anal toys are sexual objects designed to stimulate the anus area and thus complement anal sex. These are the best sexual preparations for the anal area, since they increase dilation and favor orgasm .

This type of toys requires more patience and dedication than conventional ones, mainly because the anal area tends to cause more insecurity and nervousness in people. However, once we are familiar with its use and our body has adapted, it is a great sexual incentive.

What types of anal toys can you buy online?

As for the typology, there are more and more models of anal toys on the market, so it can sometimes be difficult to choose one or the other.

At Enjoy My Toy we try to simplify this decision-making task, carrying out a broad classification of anal toys and explaining the advantages and options offered by each one of them, in this way the user can make the decision knowing all the details.

Therefore, the classification of types of anal toys that you can find is based on inflatables , vibrators , remote control vibrators , fisting anal plugs , anal toy sets , vibrating anal toys , or without vibrations , glass or metal, for the prostate, with handle, and even anal beads.   

As you have seen, there are a large number of them, each of them will be more recommended for one situation or another. Think just what you are looking for with its use, greater dilation or enhance orgasm?   Choose accordingly and if you don’t know which one to opt for, contact us !

How to use anal toys?

Before beginning sexual games in which anal sex is mediated, communication with your sexual partner is essential, since it helps to act without pressure and the subsequent satisfaction will be greater.

If you want to use anal toys in your anal sex practices, it is vital that they are in perfect hygiene conditions . In order to enjoy risk-free sexuality, it is very important to take hygiene and storage guidelines for anal toys seriously, in addition to cleaning the body.

Another point to take into account is the use of a good lubricant when we want to use anal toys, since the anus does not lubricate naturally, which does not facilitate the introduction of toys.

An interesting option can also be the application of an anal relaxant beforehand, whose purpose is to dilate the area that interests us. The relaxation of the muscles and the dilation of the sphincter are very important when practicing anal sex. Especially beginners should act delicately and carefully, since the use of anal toys can be painful if not done properly.

Anal toys are considered the best prostate massagers that exist, ideal for a first introduction to anal sex or, on the contrary, for the most veteran. But, as we have already mentioned, the most essential thing when performing this type of sexual practice is communication with your partner and patience when introducing yourself to this practice that can be so pleasurable.

How to clean anal toys?

Before and after using any type of sex toy it is essential to clean it. This point is especially important when we talk about anal toys, since the anus naturally has a series of bacteria that could lead to health problems. Ideally, anal toys should be cleaned with specific gels that exist for it. However, in the absence of these gels, they can also be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap.

In addition to sex toys, personal hygiene is also important, so taking a shower before any sexual practice that involves anal sex is highly recommended.

In a nutshell, consent, hygiene and the use of lubricants are going to be the three steps before the introduction to anal sex and anal toys. Also remember to do it in the safest way, in Enjoy my toy you can find all the products that will make you enjoy this experience in the most pleasant way.

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