In a couple relationship you always have to make things clear so that in the future they do not turn against you. One of the fundamental aspects is the separation of the goods and belongings of each member of the couple . In this case, you have to know how to make it clear that what is yours is yours, and what belongs to the other party is not.

Having separate accounts is essential so that neither party bears the economic burden of the other , nor is it seen as a burden to the other member of the couple.

Economic discussions are the main cause of separation 

One thing that you have to be very clear about and that not everyone knows is that the first cause of divorces and separations is not infidelities but financial arguments between the couple.

Aspects such as the differences that appear in how to manage the economy of the couple are the main source of separation in the couple, and it has nothing to do with the global economic level. This information is contrasted with multiple studies and by lawyers specializing in matrimonial law.

Love is not everything, keep a cool head in the face of economic aspects in the couple 

The state of falling in love does not let you make rational decisions, it is a state that encourages you to go ahead with anything and this usually has negative results in the long term. But in a couple there are other aspects apart from romantic love, such as being life partners or friends.

Then, based on these aspects other than romanticism, taking care of the individual economy of each member independently is a more coherent decision than sharing all assets and bank accounts. You have to look at the relationship of two like that of partners who run a common company and the accounts have to be clear.

The separate bank account is key to control your economy independently 

One of the specific points when it comes to separating the assets of each member is that of the bank account. It is advisable to have an account each to have economic independence and avoid problems when making payments for the couple.

Having separate accounts, each member of the couple can put their corresponding part to face the common payments of the relationship, and thus have independence to cover their personal expenses that do not have to do with those of the couple.

It is important to feel free in some way, since a relationship does not have to be seen as a kind of joint sentence, so the economic independence of the individual account gives you this feeling of freedom that serves as a positive aspect for the couple.

The personality of each member is important when managing finances. 

Being more conservative when managing the economy is an aspect of people that is within their personality and is difficult to change. Then, when it comes to running a separate economy, everyone can be as they are without forcing themselves to be someone else.

You only have to comply with the joint obligations, from there you can do what you want according to your principles and way of being.

This gives the couple greater freedom, and freedom translates into general well-being for both members of the couple. Many experts and lawyers endorse this theory.

Social changes lead you to have a separation in the accounts 

Family models are constantly changing, and these changes lead you to make decisions such as keeping accounts and assets separate. The greater labor flexibility and the commitment seen from another point of view, lead to economic independence in the couple, without having to reduce the commitment and fidelity of its members.

Society is increasingly individualistic and less collectivist, so it is important to maintain part of the independence that you had without a partner, and one way to do it is to have economic independence. Human beings are social beings, and we are in a continuous process of adaptation to the environment.

Communication is essential to avoid misunderstandings with separate accounts 

To carry out this separation in the assets and accounts of the couple, you must have good communication and always prioritize the interests of both, never give priority to an individual expense, because if you do so, this strategy will turn against you.

It is essential not to keep secrets or have an ambiguous communication, everything has to be very clear between both members of the couple.

Without communication there is no positive relationship and everything becomes toxic, therefore it is one of the fundamental pillars of couple relationships and basic for the effect of having separate accounts to be positive.

Forecast of a future separation 

In the face of a possible breakup, some aspects must be clear beforehand. The biggest problem of breakups arises with children, but also with property.

It is for this reason that it is convenient to keep the assets and accounts separate, since the economic aspect will create fewer inconveniences at the time of separation.

If it is made clear that what belongs to each one is their own and not common. then at the end of the relationship no problems arise. This can lead to some problems of understanding, which are solved with good communication and the primacy of a rational point of view over an emotional one.

The income statement 

It is very likely that it will be more positive to declare your assets if you have them in your name, before having them on both accounts. In this way, the final declaration will be positive for both parties and will not suffer changes due to the incorporation of foreign assets.

The real result will be a lower tax payment for both parties, thus benefiting the whole.

Finances must be handled rationally, because numbers do not understand emotions or passions.

Reduces the state of control by each member 

There are many people who are controlling with their partners, this aspect is usually toxic and harmful to the relationship, and can end it.

So keeping separate accounts is a way to avoid economic control by the most controlling person in the couple.

In addition, it is a sign of mutual trust to let each party do what it sees fit with its part.

Feeling of freedom according to the demands of today’s society

Having separate accounts gives everyone the feeling of freedom to do what they want with their money. This freedom provides greater congruence with the values ​​of today’s society, in which individuality prevails over the iron commitment of a couple that was carried out years ago.

An individual account is a symbol of autonomy, of continuing to be a being capable of making their own decisions, which also increases the self-esteem of each party in the relationship.

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