In general, when a man loves a woman, he is capable of anything to let her know of his feelings. But not everyone is like that, many find it difficult to express themselves and sometimes keep their feelings silent, and we just have to look a little further to realize that love is real.

When there is love, that is, when a man is in love, the words go into the background and it is the actions that are responsible for speaking. In this section we show you what particular actions will indicate that this man really loves you.


It is a detail that surely has gone unnoticed. But did you realize that he doesn’t take his eyes off you whenever you’re around him? that every time you appear her eyes light up and it becomes impossible not to smile?

When a man does not know how to express what he feels in words, as we said before, his attitudes give him away. The man in love is dedicated to looking at you and observing how you act. Most likely you have never paid attention to this. Do the test and you’ll see.


When a man loves, he looks for any excuse to be close to the woman he is in love with. He is interested in what she likes so they can spend more time together.

In meetings with friends, group outings, he does not leave you alone, he does everything possible to get closer, and, even if he does not tell you anything. Many times he will look for excuses to invite you out or be with you that if you think about them later, they will seem like very strange excuses. .


It makes you feel special with small details, with attention, it seeks to surprise you. She realizes that it is important to feed her love with details, such as surprising her with a gift that has to do with some personal taste. The important thing is to emphasize that it is not the material itself that counts but the act, the emotional value of a moment.


Try to get your attention. Every man in love wants the woman he loves to notice him, try to get your attention because you are important to him. A man who truly loves wants to conquer her woman all the time, so he will try to impress her. He seeks to arouse her admiration. He is trying to feel that he can provoke something in his wife.

The male ego is noticeable in a man in love because he will want to make you see how much he is worth in certain things. He will even try to impress you in the least expected moments so that you fall at his feet.


Arguments are inevitable in any relationship. Work and external pressures sometimes make us take that anger home and end up exploding with our partner.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. When someone really loves, they try to handle that situation without turning it into a drama. If they get into an argument, immediately try to fix the situation. She understands you if you are the one who arrived nervous and apologizes for any bad reaction she may have had.


He wants to know more about you, because when a person cares about you, he cares to know more about you, to know you better, he asks you about your family, work, your friends, your future projects, he is in love. If you see that he looks at you absorbed in thought even when you tell him about your entertaining afternoon of shopping with friends, it is because he is interested in everything you do.
treats you with respect

A man who loves a woman, respects her, never makes fun of her if she’s wrong, on the contrary, he helps her grow.

He respects her in every way. He doesn’t expect her to do all the housework, they share the responsibilities.

He accompanies her in everything that is important for the couple, meetings organized for work, family events, etc.

He doesn’t give her a hard time in public, he is patient and tolerant, above all a gentleman, in stressful moments like waiting at the airport or standing in line at the market.

He always treats her family well

Respect your space, your decisions without falling into unfounded jealousy because he trusts you.

As you can see, finding out how a man in love behaves is very simple. With their attitudes they give away signs that give them away without them noticing, because just like what happens to us, it is our own body that tells us that we are in love, and well, exactly the same thing happens with them.

You just have to look more closely at the way your man behaves to realize the signs that tell you that that special man is in love with you. A man in love is easy to discover and as we told you, his behavior gives him away.

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