How do you know if that man loves you or is in love? You just have to pay close attention to his caresses, the caresses that a man in love gives are very different from those given by a man who only wants you. As you read this article, answer these questions mentally about what you really feel: Does your partner constantly approach you? Does he kiss and caress you even if you see each other frequently? Once that is done and if it is positive, it will be a clear sign that he has a strong and true connection with you.

That is why today we present some of the caresses that a man who really loves you gives, so pay close attention so you know if he really loves you.

1. Manos.

No matter where you are, walking the streets, watching a movie at the cinema, at a party, at a friend’s house or even in bed, intertwining your fingers and caressing the interdigital areas is a great activator of desire, this is an alarm for you to realize how much in love he is with you if he never stops doing this.

2. Back.

Caressing the back gently and tenderly in bed to fall asleep is a really intense act of love, as long as the other person likes this type of caresses on the back of course. And if he can’t get to sleep, it may generate a strong desire and the caresses are mutual and intense.

3. Cara.

The skin in this area is apparently much more sensitive, although not everyone can withstand so much stimulation, however, if your man caresses your cheeks, gives you little kisses on them, on the forehead, on the nose and wherever he can, this is an act of pure and sincere love.

4. Look.

Caressing with a tender or suggestive look, just as you read it, you can caress with your eyes, depending on what the person wants to convey when seeing him, this method can be used while gently touching another person or it can also include stimulating words or sexy. This causes his whole body to stand on end, increasing the effect of the physical caress.

5. Tongues, lips, cheeks.

If he caresses these areas while kissing you passionately, it is a clear sign that this person loves you and desires you intensely, he cannot avoid or control it. Brushing lips has always seemed like a magical caress to me. It increases desire, makes you want more and that feeling of fighting against your carnal instincts is fantastic.

6. While dancing.

When dancing, the rubbing of the breasts on the body of the other person can become a very sensual and exciting caress, as well as the rubbing of the genitals under the clothes, when doing sexy dances or simply because it causes them to do it both. It will be a great clue for you to know if your man wants you as much as you do. That tease at the dance is tempting and challenging and he will do it if he loves you.

We hope that these brief data will be of great help to you when you have doubts about whether your man loves you or not, if they are correct, the vast majority of the options that we give you mean that he is crazy about you and does not want to be with anyone else. be you If you love him, also take advantage of all those moments and live them as if there were no tomorrow, remember that all foreplay is essential in any relationship to keep the flame alive, the passion that surrounds them and not get bored or fall into monotony.

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